Seven local keglers bowled 200 games in the summer leagues at the Galaxy Center last week. The top scores were Luke Sullivan’s 247 in the Bad Bowlers League and Jerry W. Rose’s 233 in the Classic Doubles League. Donna Fourre had the top women’s game at 201.

League highlights

Bad Bowlers

Luke Sullivan had an outstanding session last week, as he rolled six consecutive strikes from the fifth through the tenth frames and finished with a no-miss 247 game. He also had the highest two-game series, at 408.

David Robinson (206) and Doug Breeding (173) had the second- and third-highest games.

Kim Breeding (160), Tina Hisle (159) and Renda Roberts (150) had the highest games for the women. Breeding had the highest two-game series of 304.

Tuesday Mixed

Donna Fourre (201) and Jean Chasteen (177) had the top games for the ladies. Fourre also had the highest series at 518.

Carl Daniels had the highest game (188) and series (548) for the men. Sub Ed Maggard had the second-highest game (182) for the men.

Classic Doubles

Four men bowled 200 games last week led by Jerry W. Rose, with a 233 score. Others who reached the 200 level were Lynn Estes (212), Anthony Newland (202) and Travis Caudill (201).

Lynn Estes (790) and Jerry W. Rose (720) had the top four-game series, as well as the top three-game series of 598 and 578, respectively.

Jan Stepp led the women in the league with a career-best game of 190. Laurie Lennon (185) and Novel Davis (175) had the next-highest scores for the ladies.

Davis (626) and Lennon (602) had the top four-game series for the women and the the top three-game series scores of 493 and 464, respectively.

Wednesday tournaments

The weekly Wednesday tournaments will start this week with a Monte Carlo format. Colored pins will be included in the rack and a bowler who bowls a strike when the head pin is a colored pin will win cash.

Prize money will also be won by the bowlers who have the highest scores for three games. Handicap scoring will be used.

The entry fee is $15 and all bowlers are welcome. The tournament starts at 7 p.m.

Two fun leagues to start

Two new fun leagues are scheduled to start tonight. The Gonna Have a Ball League will bowl at 7 p.m. for fifteen weeks. The cost is $14.50 per week for three games, and bowlers will receive $70 toward the cost of a new bowling ball.

The Hospitality Industry League, matching employees of local restaurants, will bowl at 10 p.m.

Youth bowling league

Galaxy will host a bowling league for youth ages 12-21 on Mondays at 6 p.m. starting June 8.

The cost is $6 per week. The season will finish on July 27 with a pizza party and trophy awards.

Contact Amy at 624-4444 to register for this league.

PBA King of Bowling

Wes Malott held onto his King of Bowling title by downing Rhino Page 247-233 last week. This was Malott’s fourth win in the series, bringing his winnings to $40,000. The final match in the series will be televised Wednesday.

2008-09 Season Top Performances

The top game scores for the season were listed in last week’s column. The top three-games series scores for men and women are cited in this week’s column. No local bowler reached the 800-level this season, but Joe Sageser just missed with a 790 total.

The top averages for the season will be included in a future column.

Men With Series of 625 or Higher

Joe Sageser 790

Lewis Jones Jr. 749

Daniel Benge 720

Tyler Morgan 716

Ron Roberts 707

Barry Miller 706

Mark Patterson 696

Bruce Watson 690

Lewis Jones Sr. 688

Dustin Woolery 688

David Norman 687

Neil Haggard 683

Spider Weaver 674

Carl Daniels 668

Glenn Masters 668

Billy McGuire 665

Mark Rogers 659

Ronald Richmond 656

Terry Malin 647

Nick Raggard 644

Quinn Davis 644

Gary Wagoner 643

Ronnie Cromer 640

Vinnie Dalton 638

Willie Hull 637

Wes Roe 630

Brandon Simpson 629

Don Johnson 629

Jim Noe 627

Junior Morgan 627

Joe Bailey 627

Coleman Harrison 626

Paul Dapkus 626

Women With Series of 525 or Higher

Novel Davis 628

Andrea Baker 612

Linda Bowles 602

Beverly Shearer 600

Margaret Tilsley 595

Miranda Rowe 587

Kim Breeding 585

Beverly Brassfield 584

Rita Roberts 573

Lemetta Dause 570

Emma Lee Tate 567

Velma Cruse 566

Connie Bowlin 561

Bridget Settles 561

Pat Harris 560

Pat Allen 557

Donna Fourre 556

Judy Poynter 556

Linda Combs 551

Karen Kensicki 550

Beverly Aleshire 550

Connie Murphy 550

Janie Secchi 549

Terry Wilson 547

Linda Johnson 542

Michelle Ratliff 541

Keely Gadd 541

Geraldine Goss 540

Mary Marcum 538

Helen Hacker 537

Charlotte Hackworth 536

Linda French 536

Tina Hunter 531

Rita Denny 530

Pam Pippin 529

Shella Cobb 526

Missy Smith 525

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