Brandon Simpson had the top game of the week (279) at the Galaxy Center, while Dustin Woolery had the highest series (682).

Miranda Rowe and Beverly Shearer had the highest game for the ladies, as each bowled a 243 game. Rita Roberts had the top women’s series (573).

Shearer had a busy and successful week at the Galaxy Center. In addition to the top game score, she had series scores higher than 500 in four leagues (Galaxy Classic, Galaxy Girls, Early Bird and Wednesday Wonders) and she just missed in the Classic Doubles league with a 499 total.

Scotch Doubles Tournament

The team of David Norman and Harvey Poynter won the first-place money in the Madison County Bowling Association scotch doubles no-tap tournament last weekend.

Scott Kaylor and Michelle Poynter finished second, while Kenny Smith and Ed Maggard placed third.

The final MCBA tournament of the 2008-09 season will be a no-tap event on April 4.

League highlights

Galaxy Classic

Brandon Simpson bowled a 279 game to lead the league. Shawn Barton and Lewis Jones Jr. each bowled a 244 game for the second-highest score.

Neil Haggard (666) and David Norman (630) had the top series scores.

Simpson, Barton and Lewis Jones Jr. also bowled 600 series.

Those who bowled games higher than 200 were: Junior Martin, Daniel Benge, Terry Cromer, Carl Daniels, Doug Breeding, Spider Weaver, Ron Roberts, Paul Dapkus, Terry Jackson, Robert Johnson, Nick Raggard, Scott Kaylor, Don Johnson, Neil Haggard and Dallis Gabbard.

This league will complete the season tonight, with two teams competing in a head-to-head match to determine the champion for the spring season.

The Trouble Makers (Renda Roberts, Kim Breeding, Beverly Shearer, Carl Daniels and Judy Poynter) have a three-game lead over Hellbound (Corey Miller, Barry Miller, Bruce Watson and Joe Sageser), but Hellbound can take the title by winning all four games.

Galaxy Girls

Rita Roberts had the highest game (221) and series (573), while Andrea Baker had the second-highest game (218) and Beverly Aleshire had the second-highest series (550). Charlotte Hackworth had a no-miss 188 game.

Sub Beverly Shearer bowled a 243 game and 537 series.

Wednesday Wonders

Pat Allen had a great night with a season-best no-miss 221 score and a 557 series to lead all the league’s women. She also picked up the 4-5-7 split.

Beverly Shearer was next highest for the women, with a 211 game and 551 series.

Joe Sageser led the men, with a 237 game and 595 series. Mark Rogers was the only other man to reach the 200 level, with two 203 games.

Personal high games for the spring season were bowled by Jim Perry (193), Michelle Sageser (159) and Karin Miller (145), who also bowled her first-ever turkey. Teresa Jackson converted the 5-7 split.

Classic Doubles

Dustin Woolery led this league with a 246 game and 682 series. Ed Maggard had the second-highest game (225) and David Robinson had the second-highest series (597), which included a no-miss 214 game.

Carl Daniels had a no-miss 203 game, while Steve Dickey, Jerry W. Rose and Dean Acker also bowled games higher than 200.

Novel Davis had the highest game (193) and series (508) for the women, while Beverly Shearer was next, at 178 and 499.

Friday Night Mixed

Miranda Rowe set a new season high for the women in this league, with a 243 game. She also had the highest women’s series (557). Tina Harrison had the second-highest ladies game (186), while Christy Richmond had the second-highest series (490).

Lewis Jones Jr. set a new series high for the league’s men with a 678 total, which included a 245 game, which tied Ronald Richmond for the highest game of the week. Richmond had the second-highest series (606). Tim Lainhart had a 207 game.


Merle Meade led the league with a 237 game and 583 series. Charles Harris was next with a no-miss 213 game and 538 series. Doug Neeley had the only other 200 game. Fred Tilsley had a clean 190 game and Tib Congleton converted the 4-5 split.

Lemetta Dause led the ladies with a 197 game and 518 series. Margaret Tilsley had the second-highest game (179) and Pat Harris the second-highest series (466) for the women in the league.


Connie Bowlin led the league with a no-miss 221 game and 561 series.

Linda Bowles had the second-highest series (466) and Bridget Settles the second-highest game (191). Jan Barnes had a season-high 187 game.

Early Birds

Beverly Shearer had the highest game (220) and second-highest series (512), while Karen Kensicki had the highest series (514) and second-highest game (202).

Bad Bowlers

David Robinson bowled a no-miss 210 game to lead the league. Luke Sullivan had the second-highest score with a personal-best 183 game.

Tina Hisle (166) and April Brumfield (162) had the top games for the women.

Season-best scores were rolled by Chuck Neeley (173), Ron Acker (164), Kim Walls (157), Linda Stallcop (152), Preston Daniel (156) and Devan Blanchard (143).

Last week’s high scores

Men’s series

Dustin Woolery 682

Lewis Jones Jr. 678

Neil Haggard 666

David Norman 630

Shawn Barton 612

Brandon Simpson 611

Ronald Richmond 606

Men’s games

Brandon Simpson 279

Dustin Woolery 246

Lewis Jones Jr. 245

Ronald Richmond 245

Shawn Barton 244

David Norman 237

Neil Haggard 237

Merle Meade 237

Ed Maggard 225

Spider Weaver 223

Terry Cromer 217

Carl Daniels 216

Paul Dapkus 214

David Robinson 214

Charles Harris 213

Ron Roberts 212

Dean Acker 212

Junior Martin 211

David Robinson 210

Scott Kaylor 210

Women’s series

Rita Roberts 573

Connie Bowlin 561

Pat Allen 557

Miranda Rowe 557

Beverly Shearer 551

Beverly Aleshire 550

Amy Rogers 547

Andrea Baker 544

Lemetta Dause 518

Debbie Lawson 517

Karen Kensicki 514

Narita Rose 514

Charlotte Hackworth 514

Novel Davis 508

Women’s games

Beverly Shearer 243

Miranda Rowe 243

Pat Allen 221

Rita Roberts 221

Connie Bowlin 221

Andrea Baker 218

Karen Kensicki 202

Kim Breeding 199

Lemetta Dause 197

Geraldine Goss 194

Novel Davis 193

Bridget Settles 191

Pat Harris 190

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