A couple of weeks ago, I emptied five inches of water from my rain gauge after it had overflowed. That was the amount of rain that had fallen the previous week.

I could not help but speculate on how much each inch of rain cost the local courses. Old Mother Nature has been on a rampage this year and has certainly been no big help to the economy.

I have talked to most of the head professionals in the county and here are their assessments on the loss of revenue.

Todd Christian, head pro at The Bull, said the rain in September and October has probably cost the club $30,000 in lost golf revenue and that is not counting lagging sales in the pro shop, bar and grill.

Jason Eberle, head pro at Gibson Bay, estimates that lost revenue in the last couple of months for the golf course, range and short course would be at least $35,000. Jeanne Strong, operator of the Gibson Bay Café, said their sales took a big drop in the last couple of months.

Mayor Connie Lawson said the putting course at Adventure Falls, the batting cages and the water park took a real financial beating because of the weather and the children going back to school a week earlier than normal.

Ouch! When it rains it pours!

Head pro Clay Hamrick at The Battlefield Country Club said their revenue for the last two months was $20,000 less than last year.

Jason Brandenburg at the Blue Grass Army Depot estimated their loss of income around $7,500. They had a Rally for the Cure Scramble washed out this past Saturday.

Madison Country Club President Hubert Broaddus and Manager Ron Francis estimated their loss of income at $5,000.

Berea Country Club (Peanut) Robert Johnson put their loss of business at $7,500. Berea has a winter rate for golfers at $12 for nine holes and $17 for 18 holes.

I did not get with Patrick Williams at Arlington, but assistant pro Shawn Cornetet said they gained 150 new members this year, so it would be difficult to gauge the effect old Mother Nature had on them.

I might add one more little item that cost the club’s money. That was the more rain that fell the faster the grass grew, which meant the maintenance crew had to mow more often adding more expense.


An answer to my speculation of how much each inch of rain cost the golf courses is $11,000 per inch. This is using the Jon Wazky method of computation with the La La Factor entered.

I will say the golf courses this year were the most beautiful, lush green I have ever seen them. I can only hope that next year old Mother Nature will practice moderation and be a little kinder to us.

I made a boo-boo

If you learn from your mistakes I should be a genius before my lights go out.

Last week, I wrote in my column that guest speaker Craig Ammerman spoke to the PGM students on Wednesday, when it was actually Thursday.

Sorry about that.

Hole-In-One at MCC

On Oct. 15, Anthony Parks had a hole-in-one at the Madison Country Club on the 167-yard No. 9, using an 8 iron.

His beautiful shot was witnessed by Robbie Robertson.

You da man, Anthony!


Bobby Bowden, who is Florida State’s “Future Hall of Famer” coach says, “After you retire there’s only one big event left … and I ain’t ready for that.

Upcoming events

Halloween Party at the Madison Country Club on Saturday night.

Final thought

Life is too short to not make the most of it, because the service we render is the rent we pay for the space we occupy. (Commissioners – think Health Now!)

Until next week … live, love, laugh and learn, Glenmore.

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