The duo of Gary Kerns and Betty Conner won the Scotch Doubles Tournament Jan. 19 at the Galaxy Bowling Center with a five-game score of 1,161, including handicap.

Thirty-four bowlers participated in this tournament which was coordinated by Madison County Bowling Association President Harvey Poynter and Lewis Jones, Jr. Partners, who alternate bowling in scotch doubles, were matched by a blind draw.

Three other teams also won cash prizes. Lemetta Dause and Dean Acker took second place with a score of 1,149, Mason Anglin and Kenny Smith were third with a score of 1,138 and Renda Roberts and David Norman placed fourth with a score of 1,126.

The next MCBA tournament will be the annual City Tournament to be contested on the weekends of Feb. 9 and 10 and Feb. 16 and 17.

The Madison County Women’s Bowling Association will hold a 500/600 tournament on Feb. 10 at 2 p.m. at the Galaxy Center.

The bowlers in the Galaxy Classic League continue to record impressive scores during the first three weeks of the 2008 season.

Troy Conner has established a new high game scratch score of 280 for the 2008 season. Also, Conner (710) and Randy Johnson (712) rolled 700 series scores last Monday.

Kim Breeding, one of six lady bowlers in the 72-member top level Galaxy Classic League, rolled a 613 series Monday.

Twenty-one men recorded a 600 series during the past two weeks in the Classic League. Those reaching this level and their scores were Eric Grimes — 686, Bill Pianovski — 678, Shawn Barton — 673, Donnie Philbeck — 670, Gary Wagoner — 664, Spider Weaver — 627, Lynn Estes — 625, Tony Mason — 622, Bruce Watson — 621, Randy Johnson — 621, Josh Anglin — 620, Gary Newman — 620, Aaron Rose — 617, Daryl Stacy — 617, Tyler Morgan — 609, Randy Scott — 609, Barry Miller — 606, Mark Woods — 605, Neil Haggard — 603, Ron Roberts — 601 and Carl Daniels — 601.

There were impressive performances this week in other leagues also.

Denny McPherson had a 622 series in the Friday Nite Mixed League and David Derringer rolled a 623 series and Glenn Masters a 619 in the TGIF League.

Velma Cruse and Beverly Shearer each picked up the difficult 6-7-10 split in the Galaxy Girls League and Scott Sharp converted the 4-7-10 split in the Wednesday Wonders League.

Carl Daniels bowled a 258 game for a new high for the 2008 season in the Classic Doubles League. Also, Troy Taylor had a no-miss 201 game in that league.

Joe Sageser had a new high game for men in the Wednesday Wonders League with a 268 game which was part of a 625 series. Tyler Morgan rolled a new high series of 667 for the men in that league, which included a 245 game.

Also in the Wednesday Wonders, Beverly Shearer had a new high game and series for women with a game of 242 and series of 606. Beverly also rolled a no- miss 214 game.

Note: I have omitted Bowling Fun Facts because of the length of this week’s column. That feature will return next week.

High Games Last Week


Troy Conner 280

Joe Sageser 268

Carl Daniels 258

Spider Weaver 257

Donnie Philbeck 255

Shawn Barton 253

Gary Wagoner 247

Randy Johnson 247

Tyler Morgan 245

Bill Pianovski 243

Eric Grimes 238

Barry Miller 236

Aaron Rose 236

Bruce Watson 236

David Derringer 235

Daryl Stacy 235

Bryan Pianovski 234

Gary Good 233

Glenn Masters 233

Steven Wason 230

Bruce Watson 229

Josh Anglin 229

Shawn Barton 228

Gary Wagoner 227

Tony Mason 227

Mike Fain 226

Randy Scott 226

David Hall 225

Lynn Estes 225


Beverly Shearer 242

Margaret Tilsley 224

Kim Breeding 217

Bridgett Settles 214

Velma Cruse 214

Mary Lou Cox 212

Charlotte Hackworth 211

Connie Bowlin 207

Maxine Patton 205

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