Tyler Morgan and Lewis Jones Jr. set new highs for the 2009-10 season for a series and game, respectively, at the Galaxy Center last week.

Morgan bowled a 769 series and Jones Jr. rolled a 278 game. Both new highs were bowled in the Galaxy Classic League last Monday.

Morgan’s series total topped the previous high for the season of 713 by Barry Miller while the game by Jones Jr. topped the previous high of 277 by Brandon Simpson,

Christmas No-Tap Tournament

A total of 38 bowlers participated in the third-annual Christmas No-Tap Tournament on Dec. 13.

This tournament was sponsored by Thurman Parsons Nationwide Insurance, the Galaxy Center, and the Madison County Bowling Association.

Lynn Estes turned in the top three-game series score of 777. Brandon Simpson finished second among the men with a 711 series while Lewis Jones Jr. placed third with a 694 total.

Lemetta Dause continued her hot bowling of late with a 654 total to take first place for the women. Dause had bowled games of 255 and 254 during the previous week in league competition.

Beverly Shearer took second for the ladies with a 630 total and Miranda Rowe finished third with a 556 score.

The first, second, and third place finishers for the men and women earned $40, $25 and $15.

The bowlers received a ticket for each strike bowled. Sixteen tickets were drawn to win unmarked envelopes which contained $6, $10, $20 or $50. Lynn Estes added to his first-place winnings by drawing the $50 envelope.

Door prizes were provided by the Galaxy Center and Nationwide Insurance, who also provided bowling towels for all the tournament participants.

The next MCBA fun tournament will be a 3-6-9 no-tap event on Sunday, Jan. 17 at 1:30 p.m.

Kentucky Women’s State Tournament Results

The official results of the women’s state tournament, which was held in Danville last month, have recently been announced.

Several local bowlers placed high enough to win cash at this tourney, which involved 78 teams and 390 lady bowlers from all sections of the state.

The one local team which finished in the money was the T C Chicks — Michelle Ratliff, Janie Secchi, Sue King, Pauline Denny and Bridget Settles — who finished seventh in the tournament.

Kim Breeding turned in the top individual performance among the local women by finishing eighth in singles and seventh overall — total score in team, singles and doubles competition.

Beverly Aleshire and Rita Roberts also finished in the money in the singles competition, at 52nd and 54th place, respectively.

Four local doubles teams qualified for cash awards. Pauline Denny and Bridget Settles placed 13th, Kim Breeding and Beverly Shearer finished 15th, Ruby Holton and Keeley Gadd placed 17th and Jean Embrey and Michelle Ratliff finished 28th.

Congratulations to all the local ladies who finished in the money.

League Highlights

Galaxy Classic

Several members of this league scorched the lanes on the first night of the second half of the split season last Monday.

As noted at the top of the column, new highs for the 2009-10 season at Galaxy were set by Tyler Morgan with a 769 series, which included games of 245, 257 and 267; and Lewis Jones Jr. with a 278 game.

Three bowlers: Brandon Simpson (680), Lewis Jones Jr. (664) and David Norman (603) reached the 600-series level.

The 16 men who bowled a total of 21 200-level games are included in the top scores list at the end of this column.

Judy Poynter led the league’s ladies with a 214 game and 561 series.

Galaxy Girls

The top games in this league were bowled by Beverly Aleshire (217) and Lemetta Dause (205), while Dause (519) and Emma Lee Tate (504) had the top series scores.

Cynthia Eades picked up the 5-7 split.


Bowles Bowlers — Becky Fraser, Doris Gish and Linda Bowles — finished in first place with 44 wins as this 11-team league completed the first half of their split season last week.

Patton’s Pals — Sybil Fagan, Nancy Ross, Janell Williams and Maxine Patton — finished second with 38 wins, while the Bushhoggers — Brenda Ault, Larilyn Koury, Dewey Locker and Jan Barnes — took third place with 37 wins.

The top averages were achieved by Linda Bowles (162), Doris Gish (160), Bridget Settles (159), Connie Bowlin (157) and Tina Hunter (149).

The best series were bowled by Settles (580), Gish (570), Bowlin (552), Bowles (537) and Jane Gordon (524).

The highest games for the first half of the season were recorded by Dewey Locker (241), Settles (225), Bowles (213), Bowlin (211) and Gordon (209).

Peggy Coy was recognized as the most improved bowler.

Friday Night Mixed

The top game (233) and series (580) for the week were bowled by Lewis Jones Jr.

Lewis Jones Sr. had the second-best game (212), while Mike Fain had the second-highest series (577) which included a 209 game.

Novel Davis had the top game (183) and series (517) for the league’s women. Miranda Rowe had the second-best women’s series (481), while the second-highest women’s game was 179 by Christy Richmond.

Early Birds

Karen Kensicki bowled the top game (207) and series (546) last week.

Pat Harris had the second-high series (515) and Beverly Brassfield rolled the second-highest game (190).

Splits converted included the 3-7-10 by Carroll Hackworth, the 3-4-10 by Kensicki and the 5-10 by Emma Jo Hackworth.


The best series (619) and game (233) in this league were bowled by Tony Croteau. Merle Meade was second in each category, at 555 and 220.

Lemetta Dause led the women with a 494 series and 187 game. Pat Harris had the second-high women’s series (419), while the second-highest ladies game was 153 by Helen McKnight.

Splits converted were the 5-10 by Merle Meade and the 9-10 by Margaret Tilsley.

Classic Doubles/ Wednesday Wonders

Because of the length of this week’s column, the results from the final night of fall action in these leagues and the winning teams and individual leaders will be reported in next week’s column.

Last week’s top scores

Men’s series

Tyler Morgan 769

Brandon Simpson 680

Lewis Jones Jr. 664

Wesley Canter 626

Tony Croteau 619

David Norman 603

Men’s games

Lewis Jones Jr. 278

Tyler Morgan 267

Brandon Simpson 259

David Norman 241

Gary Holtzclaw 233

Tony Croteau 233

Merle Meade 220

Wesley Canter 218

Glenn Masters 214

Brian Alderman 214

Ron Roberts 213

Lewis Jones Sr. 212

Dean Acker 211

Jayson Arnold 211

Rick Burton 211

Mike Fain 209

Woody Arvin 208

Mark Rogers 208

Billy McGuire 206

Dallis Gabbard 205

Scott Kaylor 204

Neil Haggard 203

Robert Johnson 200

Gary Wagoner 200

Women’s series

Judy Poynter 561

Karen Kensicki 546

Connie Bowlin 521

Lemetta Dause 519

Novel Davis 517

Linda Bowles 515

Pat Harris 515

Beverly Shearer 510

Emma Lee Tate 504

Beverly Brassfield 503

Shella Cobb 500

Andrea Baker 500

Women’s games

Beverly Aleshire 217

Judy Poynter 214

Linda Bowles 213

Karen Kensicki 207

Lemetta Dause 205

Connie Bowlin 191

Andrea Baker 190

Beverly Brassfield 190

Beverly Shearer 188

Renda Roberts 186

Shella Cobb 185

Tammy Fourre 184

Novel Davis 183

Kim Breeding 180

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