On Sunday, Nov. 21, Emmitt and Edna Igo showed their appreciation to their sponsors and volunteers of their boxing and fitness center by playing host a banquet for them at their center on Fairview St.

They presented awards to these people and also to the boxers for their outstanding achievements of the year.

Emmitt Igo gave a welcoming address followed by an invocation and 40 people enjoyed the delicious buffet of baked chicken, ham and great vegetable side dishes. During the meal Emmitt showed some movies of boxing matches that had taken place in 2010 and made comments on them.

The presentation of awards followed the luncheon.

The recipients were:  Dr. Jon Strauss — Volunteer of The Year (He was at the boxing matches to administer aid should any boxer get injured.); Marvin Whittamore — Official of the Year; Marty Smith — Igo’s Boxing and Fitness Hall of Fame Official Award; Chad Tate — Announcer of the Year; Joel Roitman — President of Boxing Team from 1979-2010; Donna Burkhead — Volunteer and First Lady Kentucky Referee; Carlos Igo — Igo’s Boxing and Fitness Hall of Fame Boxer Award and Glenmore Jones — Writer and Sponsor of the Year.

Kenneth and Danella Tate were also honored for supplying the meal for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Boxing awards were given to the following people and they each gave a two-minute speech. Anthony Martin received an award as Captain of Year and also for Most Improved Boxer of the Year; Bryan Scotty Lamb — Co-Captain of Year; Glen K. J. Kavanaugh — Outstanding Boxer of Year  and Kegan Kavanaugh — Sportsmanship of Year.

I was really impressed with the academic awards which Edna Igo presented. These young people are not only good boxers they are all A and B students and on the honor roll.

They were: Austin Lafferty — Third grade at St. Marks; Kegan Kavanaugh — fourth grade and brother, Glen K.J. Kavanaugh in the fifth grade at Daniel Boone; Ezekial Boone Hatmaker — sixth grade at Foley Middle School and Lucas Slagle — eighth grade at Foley Middle School.

Edna and Emmitt and their volunteers are a great team. Emmitt is an excellent motivational speaker and stresses personal responsibility and self discipline.

Edna is like an old mother hen who watches her flock’s grades and counsels them in some of the personal problems.

My hat is off to all of you people for trying your best to make a difference.

Keep it up.  Mahalo!

The next boxing show at Igo’s Boxing and Fitness Center is scheduled for 3 p.m. Saturday.

“Lessons of a lifetime” best instructional film yet

This past April, Golf Hall of Famer and eight-time major championship winner Tom Watson released a two-set DVD entitled “Lessons of a Lifetime.”

I have read many books and watched many instructional films from Ben Hogan’s “Power Golf” until the present. I consider this “Lessons of a Lifetime” instructional program as the best and most comprehensive training aids of any that I have read or watched.

These two DVDs are a must for beginning golfers and are also useful to experienced golfers who want to pick their game up a notch. Tom covers ever phase of the game and it almost feels like he is there in person giving you a personal lesson.

There is a moving tribute to his long time caddy, Bruce Edwards, who passed away in April with Lou Gehrigs disease. This tribute concludes with a tearful song composed by Watson’s stepdaughter, Kelly Paige.

The DVDs are on sale at select golf and sporting goods retailers or online at www.tomwatsondvd.com.

I still agonize over that second shot Tom hit on the 18th hole in the British Open. It was almost a perfect shot about a foot too long and hit the down slope that led to a bogie.

He then lost in a four-hole playoff to Stewart Clink.


What a boost his win would have been to every senior in the country. Well, who ever said everything in life is fair?

One fair thing that happened to me at the Golf Writers Association of America meeting prior to the Master’s, was to shake Tom Watson’s hand.


Made my trip!

Final thought

We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have — Fredrick Keonig.

Until next time … live, love, laugh and learn, Glenmore.

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