In the many, many years that I’ve worked at this newspaper, I’ve gotten so very accustomed to the constant, almost utterly deafening drone of dissatisfaction.

I’ve heard the complaints.

I’ve listened to all the criticism.

I’ve read the angst-ridden posts on the message boards and the angry, hate-filled letters to the editor.

And after all this time, I’ve simply had enough. I can not be silent any longer.

So, listen up Colonel fans. I have something to say to you!


That’s right! You heard me!


Please, stop continually complaining about the lack of coverage of EKU sports in the area’s largest newspaper and just call them and cancel your subscription!


Over the years I know many, many, many of you have contacted the management at the Herald-Leader and have very strongly voiced your opinions about what appears to be that organization’s complete apathy toward anything involving Colonel athletics.

And I couldn’t agree with you more.

But, the sad, sad fact is that no matter how many EKU fans call and complain, no matter how many angry e-mails EKU fans send and no matter how many frustrated posts EKU fans add to your favorite message board, nothing is going to change.

Simply put, the Lexington Herald-Leader isn’t going to invest the time, energy, man-power or money to cover Colonel athletics like it used to, and like it should.

Sure, every so often someone will make that tedious trip down I-75 to Richmond, and along the way they will more than likely have to ask for directions (Excuse me, sir! Can you tell me how to get to Roy Kidd Stadium?).

But, most of the time the people who run that publication won’t have any idea what is going on at EKU. And they just won’t care.

They won’t care that Antwaun Molden was taken higher than any University of Kentucky player in the most recent NFL Draft.

They won’t care that Christian Friedrich will likely go in the top 10 to 15 picks later this week in the Major League Baseball Draft, also higher than any UK player.

They won’t care that Jacob Korir qualified for the NCAA Championship in both the 5,000 and 10,000 meters.

They won’t care that Larry Joe Inman announced his retirement after 20 very successful seasons at EKU.

They won’t care that Colonel golfers almost qualified for the NCAA Tournament.

They won’t care that the school won another OVC All-Sport’s Trophy.

They simply don’t care, and nothing you die-hard, loyal Colonel fans can say will change that.

So, if you want to send them a message, there’s only one really effective way!



Give them a call today — 1-800-999-8881.

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