What a week!

There were two 300 games and three 700 series bowled in sanctioned leagues at the Galaxy Center last week.

In addition, new season highs were set for a women’s game and series.

John Poynter and Brandon Simpson rolled the perfect games in the Galaxy Classic League.

These are the third and fourth 300 games of the current season, which is in its seventh week. This is in sharp contrast to last season when no 300 games were bowled for the entire season.

This is Simpson’s second perfect game of the season. Ron Gugel bowled the other 300 game of this season on opening night in the Friday Night Mixed League.

This is Poynter’s first 300 game at Galaxy, although he had previously bowled two 300 games at the Maroon Lanes.

The increased scoring may be attributed in part to improved lane conditions as a result of the work by Amano Ho and his crew on the Phoenix oiling machine. This machine now distributes the oil on the lanes in a more uniform pattern.

Mike E. Bryant bowled a 725 series in the Galaxy Classic League last Monday to tie John Poynter for the high series of the season at Galaxy.

Simpson’s 300 game was part of a 715 series and David Norman joined the 2011-12 700 club with a 702 total in the Galaxy Classic League.

Sandy Reynolds set new highs for the women at Galaxy this season with exceptionally high scores of 257 for a game and 657 for a series in the TGIF League.


Charity bowling event Sunday

There will be a bowling event to support the Madison County Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society at Galaxy at 2 p.m. Registration starts at 1:30 p.m.

The entry fee is $15 to bowl four games. The Scotch Doubles format will be used in which the doubles partners alternate bowling a ball.

Merchandise prizes will be awarded. Come enjoy bowling while supporting an important cause.


League Highlights

Galaxy Classic

As noted at the top of the column, John Poynter and Brandon Simpson each bowled a 300 game in this league last week.

The 700 series bowled by Mike E. Bryant and David Norman were also noted at the top of the column. Bryant also rolled the second-best game for the week at 268.

These 300 games and 700 series were not the only top-level performances in this league last Monday.

Series scores of more than

600 were bowled by Poynter, Randy Burgess Sr., Ronnie Thomas, Ron Roberts, Brent Simpson, Larry Leach, Spider Weaver, Neil Haggard, Lewis Jones Jr., Joe Reichel, Tyler Morgan and Ray White.

Games exceeding 250 were bowled by Thomas (267), Bruce Reffett (259), Burgess Sr. (257), Leach (256) and Roberts (252).

A total of 49 games of 200 or higher were bowled by 30 men at this session.

Galaxy Girls

Rita Roberts (524), Brenda Williams (514) and Donna Fourre (504) bowled the best series scores last week.

The high games were 198 by Tammy Fourre, 196 by Susie King and 195 by Donna Fourre.

Splits were converted by Williams (3-10), Roberts (5-10), Emma Lee Tate (3-10), Rhonda Tate (3-9-10) and Karen Hendrix (3-5-7).

Early Birds

Beverly Shearer set a new season high for this league with a 560 series, which included a 231 game.

Gail Campbell had the next-best scores with a 534 series and 187 game.

Splits were converted by Campbell (4-5), Carroll Hackworth (3-9-10) and Sue Hegelmeyer (3-9-10).


The high game (209) and series (504) were bowled by Tina Hunter last Tuesday. Connie Bowlin rolled the second-best series (468) and Becky Fraser the second-highest game (188).

Splits were converted by Sherry Ernst (3-10) and Bridget Settles (3-10 and 5-10).

Wednesday Wonders

Aaron Rose bowled the top game (253) in this league last week and Brandon Simpson rolled the highest series (664).

Lewis Jones Sr. was second in both categories with a 245 game and 631 series. Rose, Mark Rogers and Sean Christianson also bowled series scores of more than 600.

The league’s ladies were led by Andi Daly with a 200 game and 551 series. Christina Wingett bowled the second-best women’s game (183) and Rene Christianson the second-highest women’s series (452),

Classic Doubles

Carl Daniels set a new high for the season in this league with a 252 game, which was part of a 604 series.

The second-best scores were a 628 series and 214 game by David Robinson.

Genny Bryant (478) and Tina Hisle (466) bowled the top series for the league’s women, and they also rolled the top games — 195 for Hisle and 191 for Bryant.

Substitute Beverly Shearer bowled a 204 game and 515 series.

Those converting splits included Wanda Sampson (2-7-10) and Gloria Tyler (4-10).

Friday Night Mixed

Ron Gugel bowled the top series last week with a 653 score. John Hickam, Spencer Boots, Bill Bowles and Glenn Masters also rolled series scores exceeding 600

Bowles bowled the top game at 268 followed by Gugel at 227.

Narita Rose led the ladies with a 176 game and 484 series followed by Tracy Gugel at 170 and 469.


As noted at the top of the column, Sandy Reynolds set new highs for the women at Galaxy this season with unusually high scores of 257 for a game and 657 for a series.

Sara Zuercher had the next best women’s scores with a 213 game and 585 series.

84-year old Al McKnight led the league’s men with a 214 game and 499 series. Harold Stoll rolled the next-best scores for the men at 202 and 475.

Renda Roberts converted a 2-5-7 split.

Cash Money

The top games by league members last Monday were 218 by Mark Paier and 192 by Emir Gomez. Gomez (543) and Paier (523) also bowled the top series scores for the members of the league.

However, sub Derek Patterson topped everyone with a 278 game and 704 series. Because this is a non-sanctioned league, he is not eligible for an award from the United States Bowling Congress for his 700 series. However, he has previously qualified for several Honor Score awards from the USBC.

Kevan Delaney led the league’s ladies with a 170 game and 449 series, followed by Lanette Rosales at 139 and 400.

Hospitality Industry People

Dustin Ray led this league with a 237 game and 652 series last Wednesday. His series score is a new high for this league.

Matthew Ray rolled the next-best game (210) and series (539).

Linda Breyfogle (393) and Angel Duncan (392) bowled the top women’s series while Duncan (166) and Sarah Breyfogle (139) rolled the best women’s games.

Bad Bowlers No-Tap

Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

David Robinson led this league last Tuesday with a 256 game and 725 series. Josh Stidham (631) and Ed Maggard (603) bowled 600-level series and Maggard rolled the second-highest game (240).

April Brumfield led the league’s ladies with a 238 game and 650 series followed by Joanna Dickey at 159 and 408.


Last Week’s Top Scores

Men’s Series

Mike E. Bryant    725

Brandon Simpson    715

Derek Patterson    704

David Norman    702

Randy Burgess Sr.    681

Brent Simpson    668

John Poynter    664

Ronnie Thomas    662

Ron Roberts    657

Larry Leach    657

Ron Gugel    653

Dustin Ray    652

Spider Weaver    641

John Hickam    635

Neil Haggard    634

Lewis Jones Sr.    631

Men’s Games

John Poynter    300

Brandon Simpson    300

Derek Patterson    278

Mike E. Bryant    268

Ronnie Thomas    267

Bruce Reffert    259

Randy Burgess Sr.    257

Larry Leach    256

Ron Roberts    252

Carl Daniels    252

Lewis Jones Sr.    245

David Norman    244

Joe Reichel    238

Dustin Ray    237

Women’s Series

Sandy Reynolds    657

Sara Zuercher    585

Beverly Shearer    560

Andi Daly    551

Gail Campbell    534

Rita Roberts    524

Brenda Williams    519

Renda Roberts    514

Donna Fourre    509

Tina Hunter    504

Women’s Games

Sandy Reynolds    257

Beverly Shearer    231

Tina Hunter    209

Andi Daly    200

Renda Roberts    199

Tammy Fourre    198

Susie King    196

Donna Fourre    195

Rita Roberts    195

Tina Hisle    195

Genny Bryant    191

Becky Fraser    188

Gail Campbell    187

Keeley Gadd    186

Patricia Green    186

Brenda Williams    184

Christina Wingett    183

Narita Rose    182

Novel Davis    181

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