Beverly Shearer bowled the first women’s 600 series of the season at Galaxy with a 610 in the Early Birds League last week.

John Poynter had the best men’s series for the week with a 693 score in the Galaxy Classic League. This is the second-best series of the season at Galaxy just behind a 696 series by Tyler Morgan.

The men are still looking for the first 700 series of the season.

The best men’s game of the week was 257 by David Norman in the Galaxy Classic League, while Novel Davis rolled the top women’s game at 214 in the Friday Night Mixed League.


Local women place in state tournament

Three local ladies qualified for cash awards in the Kentucky Senior Women’s State Tournament, which was held in Campbellsville on Oct. 2 and 3.

Jelemia Sanders placed sixth among 35 contestants in Division A, while Sue Lainhart finished second and Gail Campbell fourth, in Division C, which included 41 entries.

Congratulations to these ladies for their award winning performances.


No-tap tournament

The first Madison County Bowling Association fun tournament of the season was a no-tap affair on Oct. 17, with 15 men and five women participating.

Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap competition.

David Norman took the $56 first-place prize for the men with an impressive four-game total of 1,083.

Cash prizes ranging from $34 to $12 were awarded to the men finishing in the next three positions. Brandon Simpson finished second with a score of 951, Gary Holtzclaw third, at 917, and Jeff Daniels fourth at 900.

Novel Davis won the women’s competition and $37 with a four-game 909 total, which included the best game of 264. Beverly Shearer took the second-place money of $12 for the women with an 823 series, which included the second-best women’s game at 252.

The highest game scores were posted by Norman (278), Matt Poe (278), Simpson (277), Holtzclaw (276), and Mark Rogers (275).

The next MCBA fun tournament will be the annual Turkey Shoot which is scheduled for Nov. 21 at 1:30 p.m. This will be a 3-6-9 tourney in which bowlers are awarded free strikes in the third, sixth and ninth frames.


League Highlights

Galaxy Classic

John Poynter bowled the top series in this league last week with a 693 score, which is the second-best series of the season at Galaxy. Tyler Morgan rolled a 696 series earlier in this league.

Joe Sageser had the second-highest series for the night (648).

Glenn Masters, Brandon Simpson, David Norman and Jeremy Neff also bowled series scores exceeding 600.

Norman bowled the top game of the night at 257, followed by Joe Bailey at 254.

Outstanding games were also bowled by Simpson (247), Sageser (246), Poynter (246), Steve McKnight (246) and Robert Johnson (244).

There were 39 200-level games bowled by 32 league members last Monday. These bowlers and their scores are listed at the end of the column.

Galaxy Girls

Myrna Gover bowled the top series at 515 and tied Betty Lou Masters for the second-high game at 192.

Beverly Aleshire rolled the high game with a no-miss 195 score and the second-best series (511). Amy Felty also rolled a 500-level series.

Emma Lee Tate picked up a 6-7 split.

Early Birds

Beverly Shearer set a new high for this league with a 610 series, which is the first 600 series bowled by a woman at Galaxy this season. Her series included the best game of this session at 213.

Gail Campbell rolled the second-best series (533) and the second-high game with a no-miss 193 score.

There were several splits converted, including a 4-10 by Genny Bryant, a 5-7 by Pat Harris, a 4-7-10 by Gail Campbell and a 4-5 by Emma Hackworth.


Connie Bowlin (522) and Linda Bowles (512) rolled the top series in this league, and they also bowled the top games, with Bowles leading with a 200 score and Bowlin next at 192. Jane Gordon bowled a no-miss 187 game.

Splits converted included a 5-10 by Peggy Coy, a 4-6 by Betty Morris, a 5-7 by Emma Reams and a 2-7 by sub Lemetta Dause.

Wednesday Wonders

The top games in this league were 254 by Mark Rogers and 232 by David Norman, while the best series scores were 614 by Lewis Jones, Sr. and 586 by Rogers.

The highest women’s series were 505 by Beverly Shearer and 477 by Pat Allen. Allen and Toni Embree tied for the top women’s game at 175.

Classic Doubles

Ronnie Norris rolled his first 200-level game of the season with an impressive 246 score to lead this league last Thursday.

Gary Holtzclaw had the highest series (593) and the second-best game (226). Mark Rogers rolled the second-highest series at 573.

The best women’s game (212) and series (547) for the league’s ladies were bowled by Tina Hisle. Beverly Shearer was next in each category at 190 and 493.

Friday Night Mixed

Lewis Jones, Jr. led this league with a 641 series and 246 game. Neil Haggard had the second-best series (622) and he and John Hickam rolled the second-highest games at 226 each.

The best women’s scores were a 575 series and 214 game by Novel Davis, while Miranda Rowe was next in each category at 478 and 179.


The top scores by members of this league were a 218 game and 591 series by Harold Stoll and a 211 game and 567 series by Merle Meade.

Substitute Lynn Estes bowled a 616 series, which included a 236 game.

Sara Zuercher led the ladies with a 205 game and 567 series followed by Sandy Reynolds at 192 and 537.

Splits converted were a 5-10 by Beverly Werner and a 3-10 by Steve Dickey.

Bad Bowlers No-Tap

David Robinson set new highs for this league last week with a 276 game and 750 series. Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

The next-best series scores were 666 by Don L. Johnson and 651 by Ed Maggard, while Johnson (238) and Dean Acker (231) bowled the next-highest games.

April Brumfield led the women with a 219 game and 565 series.


Last Week’s Top Scores

Men’s Series

John Poynter    693

Joe Sageser    648

Lewis Jones, Jr.    641

Glenn Masters    640

Neil Haggard    622

David Norman    618

John Hickam    617

Brandon Simpson    616

Lynn Estes    616

Lewis Jones, Sr.    614

Jeremy Neff    609

Men’s Games

David Norman    257

Joe Bailey    254

Mark Rogers    254

Brandon Simpson    247

Lewis Jones, Jr.    246

Steve McKnight    246

John Poynter    246

Joe Sageser    246

Ronnie Norris    246

Robert Johnson    244

Patrick Wells    237

Lynn Estes    236

Scott Kaylor    230

Barry Miller    227

Neil Haggard    226

Gary Holtzclaw    226

Ronnie Thomas    225

Kenny Smith    223

Steve Woltering    223

Gary Kerns    222

Doug Neeley    222

Glenn Masters    221

Don L. Johnson    219

Harold Stoll    218

Russell Jones    218

Lewis Jones, Sr.    218

Jeremy Neff    216

Jerry W. Rose    215

Clifford Rose    214

Dean Acker    206

Steve Dickey    205

Tyler Morgan    205

Ron Roberts    204

Zach Ball    204

Matt Poe    204

Harvey Poynter    204

Dale Stone    203

Mike Riley    203

Wes Roe    203

Eric Huff    202

Ronnie Hurd    202

Larry Leach    202

David Robinson    201

Russ Music    200

Bruce Watson    200

Women’s Series

Beverly Shearer    610

Novel Davis    575

Sara Zuercher    567

Tina Hisle    547

Sandy Reynolds    537

Gail Campbell    533

Rita Morgan    526

Connie Bowlin    522

Myrna Gover    515

Linda Bowles    512

Beverly Aleshire    511

Lemetta Dause    509

Amy Felty    503

Women’s Games

Novel Davis    214

Beverly Shearer    213

Tina Hisle    212

Sara Zuercher    205

Linda Bowles    200

Beverly Aleshire    195

Gail Campbell    193

Sandy Reynolds    192

Connie Bowlin    192

Myrna Gover    192

Betty Lou Masters    192

Lemetta Dause    191

Velma Cruse    189

Jane Gordon    187

Amy Felty    181

Tammy Daniel    181

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