The top scores for this week were a 289 game by Barry Miller in the Galaxy Classic League and a 789 series by Brandon Simpson in the TGIF League.

The best women’s scores were a 226 game by Tina Hisle in the Classic Doubles League and a 611 series by Regina Barton in the Galaxy Classic League.

League highlights

Galaxy Classic

There were several high scores bowled in this league Monday led by Barry Miller’s 289 game and 743 series. A 700 series was also rolled by John Hickam (722) and Ron Gugel (712).

The next-best games were 269 by Lewis Jones Jr. and 266 by Shawn Barton. Four other men — Mark Rogers, Brandon Simpson, Hickam and Steve Marionneaux — bowled games of 250 or higher.

There were 19 600 series bowled, led by Simpson (697), Jones Jr. (683), Rogers (679), Shawn Barton (675), Colin Green (664), Randy Burgess (651), Todd Young (649) and Glenn Masters (645).

The 600 series level was also reached by Joe Bailey (637), Cody Dapkus (633), Rick Stamper (630), Bill Bowles (622), Steve Woltering (621), Lynn Estes (615), David Norman (615), Mike Riley (611), Regina Barton (611), Neil Haggard (604) and Ronnie Thomas (600).

Galaxy Girls

Because of the inclement weather on Tuesday, the members of this league were offered the option of bowling that night or on Thursday. Thus, complete highlights are not yet available.

The best scores bowled on Tuesday were a 215 game and 608 series by Narita Rose, a 191 game and 515 series by Carole Bales and a 220 game and 570 series by substitute Beverly Shearer.

Wednesday Wonders

Lewis Jones Jr., with a 278 game and 706 series, and Mark Rogers, with a 258 game and 709 series, bowled the top scores in this league last week.

Substitute John Hickam bowled a 259 game and 705 series. A 600 series was rolled by Lewis Jones Sr. (656), Woody Arvin (625) and sub Brandon Simpson (698).

The ladies were led by Pat Holtzclaw, with a 183 game and 491 series, and Julia Landreth, with a 181 game and 498 series.


The top scores last Friday were a 789 series and 277 game by Brandon Simpson and a 712 series and 279 game by Ron Gugel.

A 600 series was bowled by John Hickam (685), Bill Bowles (668), Lewis Jones Jr. (613) and substitute Mark Rogers (636).

Narita Rose led the league’s ladies with a 220 game and 584 series. Linda Breyfogel rolled the second-best women’s game (189) and Christy Richmond bowled the second-high women’s series (505).

Season-best games were bowled by Darren Cook (189), Christy Richmond (186), Sue Hegelmeyer (187) and Debbie Jones (166).

Classic Doubles

Tina Hisle bowled the league’s high game last Thursday (226) and the high women’s series (554). Beverly Shearer rolled the second-best women’s game (182) and series (489).

The best men’s games were 222 by Luke Sullivan and 212 each by David Robinson and Mike Huser. Robinson (555) and Huser (550) rolled the highest men’s series.


Bridget Settles led this league Tuesday morning with a no-miss 212 game and 507 series.

The next-best games were 180 by Janell Williams and 170 by Connie Bowlin, while the next-best series were 496 by Bowlin and 469 by Williams.

Splits were converted by Sandy Clark (5-7 and 6-7-10), Sybil Fagan (5-7) and Nancy Ross (5-7). Kim Owens, Yolanda Fritz and Tina Hunter each picked up a 3-10 split.

Early Birds

Beverly Shearer led this league Wednesday morning with a 172 game and 503 series, followed by Genny Bryant at 171 and 434.

Because of the inclement weather, two teams will make up their games later.

Bad Bowlers No-tap

This league did not bowl on Tuesday because of the inclement weather.

Monday Fun League

This league had an open week scheduled.

High school bowling

Madison Central vs. Clark County

The Madison Central bowling team concluded the regular season by hosting Clark County at Galaxy on Jan. 15.

Clark County topped the Central boys 4-3 despite several strong games by the Indians.

The best Central boy’s games were bowled by Daelyn White (198 and 190), Josh Maynard (190), Corbin Roberts (186), Grant Willoughby (177), Eric Courtney (176) and Blake Jackson (158).

The Central boys won both Baker matches — 200-158 and 221-150 with strong finishes by the anchors — Willoughby in the first game and Maynard in the second game.

The Lady Indians won 5-2. The best games were 199 and 143 by Deborrah Harrison, 150 by Nikki Vickery, 136 by Danielle Harrison and 132 by Abbi Duerson.

The Central girls dropped the first Baker game 146-115, but won the second one, 123-117.

Madison Southern vs. Montgomery County

The Southern girls recorded several good scores as they topped Montgomery County, 5-2, last Thursday at Galaxy.

The top games were 204 by Ciara Plants, 190 and 166 by Rebecca Sowder, 165 by Heather Smith and 155 by Megan Faught.

The inexperienced Southern boys lost 7-0 to the defending regional champion Montgomery team, but the Eagles showed considerable improvement as several team members bowled some of their best games of the season.

The best games for the night were bowled by Hunter Megyesi (146), John Richmond (143), Zeb Davis (142), Kemonty Bruce (135), Kyle Maggard (132), Derick Richmond (128) and Roby Faught (123).

Regional tournament

The Central and Southern bowling teams will now focus upon their preparation for the KHSAA Region 8 tournament which is set for Feb. 1 and 2 at the Bowlarama Lanes in Danville.

The singles competition is scheduled for the Saturday session and the Baker style team competition on Sunday.

The top four boys and top four girls in the singles competition will qualify for the state tournament in Lexington on Feb. 13 and 14.

The boy’s teams and girl’s teams which finish first and second in the Baker competition will also move on to the state tournament.

This week’s top scores

Men’s games

Barry Miller    289

Ron Gugel    279

Lewis Jones Jr.    278

Brandon Simpson    277

Shawn Barton    266

John Hickam    259

Mark Rogers    258

Steve Marionneaux    250

Bill Bowles    247

Glenn Masters    246

Todd Young    244

David Norman    243

Cody Dapkus    236

Steve Woltering    236

Merle Meade    235

Mike Riley    235

Lewis Jones Sr.    228

Randy Burgess    227

Rick Stamper    226

Joe Bailey    224

Gary Cromer    224

Lynn Estes    223

Paul Dapkus    223

Luke Sullivan    222

Charlie Glodt    222

Bobby Abrams    221

Woody Arvin    219

Terry Jackson    217

Neil Haggard    215

J. R. Martin    215

Steve McKnight    214

Ronald Richmond    213

Don L. Johnson    213

Patrick Wells    213

Ronnie Thomas    212

David Robinson    212

Mike Huser    212

Chris VanDall    212

Gary Kerns    211

Ron Roberts    211

Ben Lam    204

Aaron Rose    204

Josh Jackson    201

Robby Bales    200

Women’s games

Tina Hisle    226

Narita Rose    220

Beverly Shearer    220

Regina Barton    215

Bridget Settles    212

Carole Bales    191

Linda Breyfogel    189

Sue Hegelmeyer    187

Christy Richmond    186

Pat Harris    185

Judy Poynter    185

Miranda Reffett    184

Pat Holtzclaw    183

Sara Zuercher    182

Julia Landreth    181

Novel Davis    180

Janell Williams    180

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