Lewis Jones Jr. bowled a 300 game in the Friday Night Mixed League to highlight a high-scoring week at Galaxy. His 300 game was part of a 751 series.

Three other men also bowled a 700 series last week. Brandon Simpson rolled two 700 series, with a 754 score in the Galaxy Classic League and a 712 total while substituting in the Wednesday Wonders League.

John Hickam rolled a 747 score as a substitute in the Wednesday Wonders League and Mark Rogers bowled a 714 total in the Friday Night Mixed League.

Regina Barton led the women at Galaxy again last week with a 244 game and 628 series in the Galaxy Classic League.

Relay for Life Tourney set for Saturday

A charity tournament to support the Madison County Relay for Life program will be held on Saturday. Registration begins at 1:30 p.m. with the bowling to start at 2 p.m.

The 3-6-9 and no-tap formats will be used. Bowlers are awarded automatic strikes in the third, sixth and ninth frames and nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in the no-tap format.

The entry fee is $15 to bowl four games. Prizes will be awarded.

League Highlights

Galaxy Classic

Bobby Abrams bowled the top game in this league last Monday with a career-best 279 score. He rolled strikes in the first eight frames, but left the seven pin in the ninth frame. He picked up the spare and bowled three strikes in the 10th frame to complete his game. He also recorded his best-ever series at 640.

Brandon Simpson rolled the top series (754) and the second-best game for the night (268). The second-best series was 684 by Lewis Jones Jr.

There were 21 600 series bowled at this session topping the previous high for the season of 20.

In addition to Abrams and Jones Jr., a 600 series was rolled by Neil Haggard (669), Mark Rogers (667), Randy Burgess (660), Shawn Barton (660), Aaron Rose (656), David Norman (655), Todd Young (651), Ron Gugel (645) and John Hickam (642).

Brandon Lutes (639), Spider Weaver (637), Bruce Watson (630), Ronnie Thomas (628), Regina Barton (628), Tyler Morgan (621), Gary Cromer (608), Glenn Masters (606), Craig Richmond (603) and Bill Bowles (602) also reached the 600 series level.

Friday Night Mixed

As noted at the top of the column, Lewis Jones, Jr. bowled a 300 game in this league last week. This is the third perfect game rolled by Jones Jr. His previous 300 games were rolled in June 1994 and April 2010.

Jones Jr. said he was most worried about his first ball in the 10th frame and it appeared that his bid for a 300 game would be derailed when that ball looked to be too far right, but it hooked into the pocket at the last instant. His next two rolls were right on target.

Jones Jr. added games of 215 and 236 for a 751 series to lead the league in that category also.

Mark Rogers bowled a 714 series and Steve Woltering rolled the second-best game for the night at 278.

A 600 series was bowled by Woltering (676), John Hickam (676), Bobby Abrams (670), Glenn Masters (666), Bill Bowles (618) and Ronnie Hurd (600).

The 670 series by Abrams was a career best, topping his previous best of 640, which he had bowled on Monday night.

Narita Rose led the league’s ladies with a 204 game and 597 series, followed by Beverly Shearer at 190 and 510.

Galaxy Girls

Bridget Settles bowled a no-miss 199 game to lead this league last Tuesday. The second-best game was 196 by Narita Rose.

The highest series scores were rolled by Rose (528), Shella Cobb (522), Settles (519) and Charlotte Hackworth (519).

Splits were converted by Settles (3-10), Tammy Fourre (4-10), Brenda Williams (4-5), Carole Bales (5-10), Betty Lou Masters (4-5) and Beverly Shearer (3-10).


The top game (200) and series (474) in this league last Tuesday were bowled by Doris Gish.

Bridget Settles rolled the second-best game (170), while Linda Drummond and Becky Fraser tied for the second-high series at 449.

Splits were converted by Mary Lou Cox (5-10), Fannie Rice (3-10) and Dewey Locker (5-7).

Early Birds

Gail Campbell bowled the high game (191) and second-high series (484) in this league last Wednesday morning.

The highest series was 530 by Karen Kensicki and the second-best game was 182 by Beverly Brassfield.

Splits were converted by Joyce Kearns (3-10) and Beverly Shearer (2-7 and 3-7-10).

Wednesday Wonders

Mr. and Mrs. Norman led the members of this league last week. David led the men with a 237 game and 690 series, while Jenny led the league’s ladies with a 192 game and 484 series.

Lewis Jones Jr. bowled the second-best scores for the league’s men with a 225 game and 640 series, while the second-best women’s scores were a 178 game and 480 series by Julia Landreth.

However, the highest scores for the night were bowled by substitutes John Hickam and Brandon Simpson. Hickam rolled a 269 game and 747 series, while Simpson bowled a 246 game and 712 series.

Classic Doubles

Josh Jackson led this league last Thursday with a 225 game and 568 series. Russell Jones bowled the second-best game (220) and David Robinson rolled the second-high men’s series (546).

Tina Hisle led the women in the league with a 190 game and 560 series, followed by Beverly Shearer at 181 and 473.


The high game (224) and series (628) in this league last week were bowled by Merle Meade. Ken Farnstrom bowled the second-best men’s game (200) and Tim Wells rolled the second-high series (552).

The top women’s game (212) and series (521) were bowled by Margaret Tilsley. Jan Farnstrom was next in both measures with a 195 game and 475 series.

Jamie Sowder converted a 2-7 split.

Cash Money

J.J. Reisig led this league last Monday with a 213 game and 598 series, followed by Lance Rickert at 201 and 525.

The best women’s games were 132 by Mary Mink and 125 by Carolyn McKnight, while the highest women’s series were 344 by McKnight and 329 by Patricia Norris.

Bad Bowlers No-tap

Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

Gary Cromer led this league last Tuesday with a 288 game and 763 series. His series score set a new high for this league this season.

Anthony Taulbee was second in both categories with a 274 game and 646 series. Steve Dickey bowled a 609 series.

Joanna Dickey led the women in the league with a 187 game and 452 series, followed by April Brumfield at 149 and 441.

Last week’s top scores

Men’s games

Lewis Jones Jr.    300

Bobby Abrams    279

Steve Woltering    278

John Hickam    269

Brandon Simpson    268

Mark Rogers    267

Glenn Masters    259

David Norman    256

Neil Haggard    255

Aaron Rose    253

Randy Burgess    247

Gary Cromer    246

Todd Young    245

Shawn Barton    244

Mike E. Bryant    244

Craig Richmond    237

Bill Bowles    236

Bruce Watson    234

Daniel Benge    228

Ron Gugel    227

Ronnie Thomas    225

Joshua Jackson    225

Donnie Barger    225

Colin Green    224

Merle Meade    224

Spider Weaver    223

Russell Jones    220

Ronnie Hurd    219

Tyler Morgan    218

Brandon Lutes    217

Terry Jackson    215

Matt Wieczorek    214

Barry Miller    213

J. J. Reisig    213

Peanut Johnson    212

Ronald Richmond    212

Robert Sewell    205

Woody Arvin    204

David Robinson    203

Lance Rickert    203

Robbie Richmond    201

Darren Cook    201

Lynn Estes    200

Ken Farnstrom    200

Women’s games

Regina Barton    244

Margaret Tilsley    212

Narita Rose    204

Doris Gish    200

Bridget Settles    199

Jan Farnstrom    195

Tammy Fourre    194

Charlotte Hackworth    193

Jenny Norman    192

Shella Cobb    190

Tina Hisle    190

Beverly Shearer    190

Pauline Denny    183

Andi Daly    181

Tracy Gugel    181

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