A charity bowling tournament is scheduled for 1 p.m. Saturday at Galaxy. Proceeds from this event will be used to enable youth members of the Lexington Road Church of God to attend Winter Fest.

This tournament will use the 3-6-9 and no-tap formats. Bowlers will receive free strikes in the third, sixth and ninth frames and nine pins down with the first ball in a frame will count as a strike.

All bowlers are welcome. This event presents an opportunity to start the new year by bowling for fun while supporting a worthy cause. The entry fee is just $10 to bowl three games. Prizes will be awarded.

League highlights

There was limited action at Galaxy this past week as most of the leagues were taking a break for the holidays. Only the TGIF League bowled its weekly session on Friday.

The high TGIF games were 257 by Ron Gugel, 257 by John Hickam and 247 by Steve Woltering. Hickam (718) and Glenn Masters (671) bowled the high series scores for the night.

A 600 series was also bowled by Gugel (639), Bill Bowles (638), Lewis Jones Jr. (624) and Woltering (624).

The league’s ladies were led by Novel Davis with a 189 game and 496 series. Jan Farnstrom (175) bowled the second-best women’s game and Narita Rose (475) rolled the second-high women’s series for league members.

Substitute Miranda Reffett bowled a 192 game and 523 series.

Debbie Jones bowled a season-best 156 game and 397 series.

2013-14 Galaxy leaderboards

The Galaxy leagues have reached the halfway point of the 2013-14 season. Thus, it is appropriate to recognize those bowlers who have recorded the top accomplishments to date.

The men and women who currently rank at the top of the Galaxy leader boards in the three major measures of bowling achievement — average, series score and game score — are noted in today’s column.

The average listed is the bowler’s best average in any one league in which he or she has bowled a minimum of 21 games as required by the United States Bowling Congress. The USBC does not combine scores from multiple leagues.

Best men’s averages

Brandon Simpson 227

Ron Gugel 227

John Hickam 222

Mark Rogers 217

Barry Miller 213

Glenn Masters 208

Bill Bowles 208

Shawn Barton 207

Lewis Jones, Jr. 205

Steve Woltering 203

Randy Burgess 201

Ronnie Thomas 200

Best Men’s Series

Bill Bowles    787

Brandon Simpson    776

Mark Rogers    775

Ron Gugel    771

John Hickam    760

Randy Burgess    758

Glenn Masters    730

Shawn Barton    719

Lewis Jones Jr.    718

Barry Miller    712

Aaron Rose    700

Best Men’s Games

Brandon Simpson    300

Glenn Masters    290

John Hickam    288

Colin Green    287

Ron Gugel    280

Steve Woltering    280

Bill Bowles    279

Shawn Barton    279

Cody Dapkus    278

Barry Miller    278

Randy Burgess    278

Best Women’s Averages

Regina Barton    197

Andi Daly    179

Sara Zuercher    177

Narita Rose    176

Sandy Reynolds    173

Beverly Shearer    171

Gail Campbell    171

Margaret Tilsley    161

Novel Davis    161

Bridget Settles    160

Best Women’s Series

Regina Barton    671

Narita Rose    666

Sara Zuercher    665

Gail Campbell    621

Beverly Shearer    616

Andi Daly    605

Sandy Reynolds    585

Shella Cobb    582

Novel Davis    572

Karen Kensicki    566

Best Women’s Games

Regina Barton    258

Sara Zuercher    256

Gail Campbell    256

Beverly Shearer    254

Andi Daly    240

Narita Rose    233

Jan Farnstrom    228

Jan Stepp    223

Velma Cruse    221

Tracy Gugel    218

Shella Cobb    218

Six years and counting

I have now completed six years as the bowling columnist for the Richmond Register. I have enjoyed using this column to recognize the accomplishments of local bowlers and to promote the sport of bowling.

I very much appreciate the work of Nathan Hutchinson in editing this column each week. I also thank Register publisher Ann Laurence and editor Bill Robinson for providing me with this opportunity.

It would not be possible to produce this column without the cooperation of the Galaxy league secretaries — Beverly Shearer and Lewis Jones Jr. — who prepare the official stat sheets for the local leagues. Thanks are due also to Galaxy general manager Ray White and his staff for their cooperation.

 I hope to continue writing this column as long as my health permits and the Register will allow me to do so.

This week’s top scores

Men’s games

Ron Gugel    257

John Hickam    257

Steve Woltering    247

Glenn Masters    246

Bill Bowles    244

Lewis Jones Jr.    237

Todd Young    231

Ronald Richmond    227

Brandon Simpson    221

J. J. Harrison    217

Randy Burgess    209

Tim Lainhart    202

Billy Richmond    200

Women’s games

Miranda Reffett    192

Novel Davis    189

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