Beshear should be removed

On Sept. 17, the Kentucky Supreme Court will start to decide whether Governor Andy Beshear broke the law when issuing his COVID-19 executive orders.

This includes orders from mask mandates, curfews on businesses, closing of businesses, capacity limits on businesses, the closing of schools, travel restrictions, protest restrictions, freedom of religion and congregation restrictions, etc.

According to a Pegasus Institute report published in April, Kentucky saw more than 20 percent of its total population on unemployment. Many people have yet to see a single unemployment check.

Governor Beshear also acted to restrict protests by relocating the public parking section at the State Capital Building.

The reported totals of cases are almost daily being revised downward to adjust for duplicate reporting and false positives.

The governor has been smug and elitist when trying to defend these orders even in the face of rulings from a Scott County judge who ruled that his orders did not conform to KRS 39A. His orders did not come as a result of the counties declaring that they could not handle the outbreak.

The orders were too broad and had no end date.

The Kentucky Supreme Court must rule these orders unconstitutional and the legislative branch must impeach Beshear come January 2021 along with revising KRS 39A to curb the broad powers of executive orders.

Virgil Edwards


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