The Kentucky High School Athletic Association announced last week that spring sports and sports activities had been canceled because of the threat of COVID-19.

On Thursday, the organization released policies and guidance for schools moving forward.

At least through May 31, facilities on school-owned property, including competition and practice fields and weight rooms shall remain closed to sports and sports-related functions.

Coaches may not be involved at those facilities, other than necessary maintenance that can be done using acceptable social distance regulations.

School facilities, uniforms, nicknames, transportation or equipment may not be used in any KHSAA-sanctioned sport or sport-activity.

No activity may be required of student-athletes at any location, on or off a school campus.

Students may not receive in-person coaching or training from school personnel in any KHSAA sanctioned sport or sport-activity and coach-player interaction should be restricted to virtual/distance methods.

Postseason wrap-up activities, celebrations, and recognition events relating to a sport or sport-activity team at a school may only be held in compliance with formal guidance issued by the Kentucky Department of Education and in compliance with all state, federal, CDC, local government and local health department guidelines, including but not limited to, the number of participants.

The KHSAA stated last week in a release that the organization will addresses issues related to fall sports in the near future.

“It is far too early in this process and battle against this virus to place an absolute planned schedule or dates out there,” KHSAA Commissioner Julian Tackett said. “We remain optimistic about the fall season, even if it isn’t exactly per normal, but we will adhere to the guidance of both federal and state health officials, as well as our own Department of Education and the Governor’s office in planning our next steps in the coming weeks and months.”

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