Tyler Carpenter knew the track and this particular race well.

He had won there before.

In 2016, the Parkersburg, W.Va., native finished first in the Paul "Butterball" Memorial at the Richmond Raceway.

On Saturday, he did it again.

Except this time, the race was bigger and the competition steeper.

For a second time, Carpenter won the Sunoco Race Fuels 32nd-annual Paul "Butterball" Wooldridge Memorial, outpacing 41 other drivers in the process and capturing the largest payout in the history of the Ultimate Super Late Model Series and the track itself at $20,059 to win.

It was Carpenter's third win of the season and the largest win of his career, and he did it with a borrowed engine.

"I was pumped," the driver told Speed 51 earlier this week on the Morning Bullring radio show. "I started second guessing myself and I got nervous. Like I said, you hear the names that are showing up and I didn't know if we had good enough equipment… I won this race on a borrowed motor."

After blowing up his motor, Carpenter scrambled to find a replacement and had to do the process in a different zipcode.

Chuck Longbrake came through for Carpenter, who made the most of the opportunity.

"I'm just a local hometown kid and poor country boy," Carpenter said in an on-track interview after winning the race. "I wouldn't have been able to race without the guy letting me have his motor."

Adding to the pressure of driving with an unfamiliar part -- Carpenter builds and drives his own cars -- the largest payout in history was on the line and the field was packed with big-name competition with larger budgets.

"I don't think I could have asked for a better car... I put (the money) out of my mind. I wanted to be on top. I wasn't racing for the money. When you race for the money, you start making bad decisions and taking the wrong chances… (The other drivers) they can win anywhere they go. They not only have very good equipment, they are very good drivers. I went in this weekend just hoping that we just didn't look like chumps," Carpenter explained to Speed 51.

He didn't.

Carpenter's started strong in qualifying on Friday of the two-day event in front of a large crowd. He set the fast time qualifying with a time of 14.669 seconds to earn the Davis Diesel Service Fast Qualifier award.

Other heat race winners were Tanner English, Michael Chilton and Ross Bailes. B-Main winners included Skylar Marlar and Zack Mitchell. Provisional spots went to Daulton Wilson, Jeff Smith, and Jason Barrett.

Technical issues and a blown belt helped shrink the field a bit before the drivers revved up for the main event.

Despite posting the fastest qualifying time, Carpenter fell behind in the feature when English emerged out of the sea of cars as the fastest.

English kept the lead for 18 laps before he was caught up in lap traffic.

As English coasted on the bottom of the track, Carpenter slid over the top and took the lead.

"I knew if I was going to get him I had to take the top," the driver explained.

After that tactical decision, Carpenter retained the lead for the rest of the race and was first under the checkered flag.

Tanner English, Zack Dohm, Kyle Strickler, and Jason Jameson rounded out the top five finishers.

"It just seems like a fantasy or a dream. You hope it comes true and it did. Everything played out like it should have played out," Carpenter told Speed 51.

Also in the winners circle last weekend was Allen Hackworth, who won the Cohen Recycling 4 Cylinders race, while Chad Barrett earned the victory in the ARBodies KDRA Super Stock race and Nick Hoffman won the Eagle Financial UMP Modifieds race.

The Richmond Raceway will take a break this weekend from racing as they are set to sponsor the Roy Kidd Bowl on Saturday at Madison Central.

Attendees of the games, who will see Madison Southern take on Tates Creek and Madison Central face Conner, can also enter to win a grandstand pass to the second-annual Damn Yankees 50 on Sept. 28.

Racing will resume at the track on Aug. 31 at the Labor Day Shootout which will feature Sonic Super Late Models, Trifecta Pro(Crate) Late Models, Eagle Financial UMP Modifieds, Bubba's Towing Sport Mods, Cohen Recycling 4 Cylinders (NO ARBodies Super Stocks).

Points Standings


Brandon Creech 917

Gunner Johnson 857

Allen Hackworth 827

Tyler Hayes 814

Joseph Whalen 535

Crate Late Models

AJ Hicks 577

CJ Ruble 522

Jeff Watson 515

Elliot Williams 463

Corey Ferguson 423

KDRA Super Stocks

Tyler Collis 813

Chad Barrett 732

Logan Preston 708

Greg Hensley 692

Randy Jones 676

Late Models

Kirk Phillips 746

Jason Barrett 745

Derek Fisher 696

Dennis Roberson 577

Shawn Martin 566


Dennis Roberson 1047

Zach Powers 1031

Jimmy Crabtree 953

Oscar Marshall 787

Jimmy Robinson 784

Sport Mods

Garet McCloud 587

Daniel Webb 451

Greg Bentley 451

Brandon Gibson Jr. 325

Jared Robinson 319

Paul "Butterball" Wooldridge Memorial Full Results

1 - Tyler Carpenter

2 - Tanner English

3 - Zack Dohm

4 - Kyle Strickler

5 - Jason Jameson

6 - Nick Hoffman

7 - Jackie Boggs

8 - Ross Bailes

9 - Derek Fisher

10 - Justin Ratliff

11 - John Henderson

12 - Zack Mitchell

13 - Connor Meade

14 - Skylar Marlar

15 - Kirk Phillips

16 - Daulton Wilson

17 - Jason Barrett

18 - Scott James

19 - Doug Sanders

20 - Victor Lee

21 - Michael Chilton

22 - Anthony Sanders

23 - Jared Hawkins

24 - Jeff Smith

25 - Dave Hess Jr

26 - Chris Combs

27 - AJ Hicks

DNS - Dennis Roberson

DNS - Steve Elliott

DNS - Bryson Centers

DNS - Jonathan Couch

DNS - Dalton Brown

DNS - Shawn Martin

DNS - Jeff Watson

DNS - CJ Ruble

DNS - Danny Barrett

DNS - Tommy Bailey

DNS - Ryan Montgomery

DNS - Kenny Howell

DNS - Joey Notchie

DNS - Cameron Marlar

DNS - Vic Hill

Car Count: 42

Davis Diesel Service Fast Qualifier: Tyler Carpenter 14.669

Feature Winner: Tyler Carpenter

Heat 1 Winner: Tanner English

Heat 2 Winner: Michael Chilton

Heat 3 Winner: Tyler Carpenter

Heat 4 Winner: Ross Bailes

B-Main 1 Winner: Skylar Marlar

B-Main 2 Winner: Zack Mitchell


1) Tanner English; 2) Victor Lee; 3) Jared Hawkins; 4) Anthony Sanders; 5) Skylar Marlar; 6) AJ Hicks; 7) Steve Elliott; 8) Dennis Roberson; 9) Dalton Brown; 10) Shawn Martin; 11) Ryan Montgomery


1) Michael Chilton; 2) Zack Dohm; 3) Dave Hess Jr; 4) Chris Combs; 5) Connor Meade; 6) Doug Sanders; 7) Jason Barrett; 8) Jonathan Couch; 9) Bryson Centers; 10) Kenny Howell


1) Tyler Carpenter; 2) Jason Jameson; 3) Nick Hoffman; 4) John Henderson; 5) Zack Mitchell; 6) Tommy Bailey; 7) Justin Ratliff; 8) Kirk Phillips; 9) Jeff Watson; 10) Danny Barrett


1) Ross Bailes; 2) Scott James; 3) Kyle Strickler; 4) Jackie Boggs; 5) Derek Fisher; 6) Daulton Wilson; 7) Jeff SMith; 8) CJ Ruble; 9) Joey Notchie; 10) Cameron Marlar


1) Skylar Marlar; 2) AJ Hicks; 3) Connor Meade; 4) Dennis Roberson; 5) Jason Barrett; 6) Steve Elliott; 7) Bryson Centers; 8) Doug Sanders; 9) Jonathan Couch; 10) Dalton Brown; 11) Shawn Martin


1) Zack Mitchell; 2) Derek Fisher; 3) Justin Ratliff; 4) Daulton Wilson; 5) Jeff Smith; 6) Kirk Phillips; 7) Jeff Watson; 8) CJ Ruble; 9) Danny Barrett; 10) Tommy Bailey

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