An impressive honor score was missed with the absence of last week’s column in the paper.

During Thursday’s Outcasts league on the day after Christmas, Travis Burkhart had games of 255, 290 and 267 to end the night with an 812 series. This milestone score took over top spot on the season-long series leaderboard for that league.

Leagues have resumed action this week after most either took off for the holidays or completed the first half of their split seasons. For those leagues that will begin a new split portion of their season this week, the first half winners and season leaders will be listed below.

Monday Galaxy Classic

This league has been on holiday break after wrapping up the first half of the split season.

The Ultimate Dominators (Chad Bischof, Jason Uchwal, Mike Mitchell and Cameron Pettyjohn) had the league championship already clinched before the last night of bowling action. Prestige World Wide (Mike Stephen, Kelby Robinson, Dick Snowden and Cooper Allen) did manage to move into second place during the last night of competition.

Custom Designs (Hunter Rose, Daniel Benge, Aaron Rose and Shawn Barton) rolled the highest scratch and handicapped team games for the first half of the league season. Ultimate Dominators put together the top scratch and handicapped team series.

Cameron Pettyjohn, Daelyn White, Chad Bischof, David Norman and Brandon Simpson all had perfect games in the first half of the season.

Cameron Pettyjohn finished the season with the highest series of 834 and Brandon Simpson was the only other bowler to break an 800 series at 807.

Tuesday Galaxy Girls

The league has been on break and has resumed action this week.

Wednesday Wonders

The team Double Trouble (Lauren Conner, Toni Young, Erik Young and Troy Conner) won three games during the last night of league play to become champions, leaving Rose’s Hoes (Narita Rose, Chris Lonneborg, Cooper Allen, Bill Bowles and Shawn Barton) to finish in second place.

Rose’s Hoes made it a clean sweep by finishing with the highs in all four team scoring categories this half.

Chad Bischof’s 290 game was the highest of the league, as was his 308 handicapped game.

Jacob Roberts put together a 735 score to claim top scratch series, while Randy Burgess had the best handicapped series with 791.

Narita Rose’s 248 was the top scratch game for the women of the league and her 297 handicapped game was also a league leader for the ladies.

Toni Young rolled the best women’s scratch series of 584, and Cheryl Roe finished with the best women’s handicapped series at 751.

Outcasts League

High Games

Aaron Rose — 276; Cooper Allen — 274; Emory McNew — 264 and Michael Beeler — 257

High Series

Aaron Rose — 720; JJ Reisig — 696; Jeff Mitchell — 695 and Cooper Allen — 685

No scores from this week made it onto the season leaderboard. However, Travis Burkhart did take over the top spot on the season series leaderboard with an impressive 812 that he bowled the day after Christmas.

TGIF League

The Blues (Mike Held and Mason Humphreys) won three games over She’s In Charge (Brooklyn Thompson and Cooper Allen) on the last night of league to win the first half of the league.

Snowed-In (Jessica and Richard Snowden) bowled the top team scratch game and series of the league. Livin' on a Spare (Kelsie Shumaker and Donnie Barger) finished the half season with the best handicapped game team score, and EBOWLA (Sierra Collett and Jacob Roberts) had the leading handicapped series team score.

Cooper Allen rolled the only perfect 300 game of the league, which also gave him the top handicapped game of 308. Cameron Pettyjohn finished the half with the best series of 792, which also was the highest series bowled in the handicapped category.

Mary Bowling and Sierra Collett tied for the women’s high scratch game at 216. This score gave Collett a 290 handicapped game, also tops for the women. Collett also claimed the top spots in the series categories for the women, finishing with a 544 scratch and a 766 handicapped.

Galaxy Seniors League

This league has been on holiday break but resumed action this week.

Arlington League

Pin Pals (Karen Kensicki, Pat Harris and Sue Rupert) finished the first half of the league in first place by three and a half points over the Queen Pins (Casey Salinas, Joyce Kearns, Gail Campbell and Bridget Settles). The Queen Pins rolled the top team scores in all four reported categories.

Casey Salinas bowled the best scratch game of 244, also putting her tops in handicapped game at 298.

Karen Kensicki and Gail Campbell tied for the best scratch series of the half with 570, but Connie Bowlin had the leading handicapped series of 696.

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