This past weekend, London native Tad Barton torched the old Madison Country Club course with a 13-under par, 203, to waltz to victory in the annual Labor Day Tournament.

He won by four strokes over Matthew Grayson, who shot a great 9-under, 207. Third place went to Kevin Lawson with a 209 and fourth place went to Kelby Robinson with a 210.


That's some terrific golf.

In the consolation flight, Adam Herald won with a score of 218. Second-place honors went to Nick Chabot (220), third place went to Travis Felock (222) and fourth place went to Jason Estepp (223).

In the first (Eugene Wiggins) flight, the winner was Shawn Barton with a score of 228. Second place went to Chad Gordon (229), third place went to Perry Wyrick (232), while Ronnie Garland and Ed Razor tied for fourth (233).

The second and third flight used the Stableford Scoring System in which, rather than counting the total number of strokes taken, involves scoring points based on the number of strokes taken on each hole. Pars are plus, birdies bigger plus, eagles an even bigger plus, therefore to have the highest score is the objective, unlike traditional scoring methods.

Second flight results: First place -- Jay Carpenter +36. Second place -- Ryan Bolton +33. Third place -- Richie Grisby +30 and fourth place -- Tyler Wall +30 (losing on a scorecard matchup)

Second flight consolation results. First place -- Steve Beagle +27. Second place -- Jacob Henry +26. Third place -- Adam Ratliff +21 and David Broaddus +21 (also losing on a scorecard matchup)

Third flight results. First place -- Brian Todd +20. Second place -- Dave Schultz +18. Third place -- Mike Bowling +16.

Third flight consolation results. First place -- Bruce Lainhart +10. Second place -- Joe Wilson +6. Third place -- Bob Walton +3

Results of senior (Glenmore Jones) flight. The winner was Paul Travis with a +35 score. Danny Crawford also had a +35 but after a three-hole playoff, Paul eeked out the win.

Third place went to Hubert Broaddus was +32 and fourth place went to Happy Osborne +31

I had the honor to present the trophy to Paul Travis.


Congratulations to all you winners. This is the oldest golf tournament in Madison County and was started back in 1944. It has had some great golfers hoist that championship trophy on Labor Day.

Masters Champion Gay Brewer, from Lexington, won it twice and PGA Champion Bobby Nichols, from Louisville, won it one time. The score these championship players had did not take a backseat to those two PGA professionals.

This was another successful Labor Day Tournament and played in three of the most gorgeous day of weather for golfers. On Saturday night, everyone enjoyed a delicious buffet and a Sunday luncheon catered by Nuevo Vallarta.

Chairman Hubert Broaddus did another terrific job of putting on this tournament with help from Lisa Wall, Jennifer Harrison, Pat Brandenburg, Wendy Winters and others.

Hats off to all of you good people.

Labor Day Scramble at the Madison Country Club

On Friday, prior to the start of the Labor Day Tournament, there was an exciting scramble for some great prizes at the old fun club.

Thirteen, four-person golfers teed it up in the popular annual tournament, which was innovated by, who else, Hubert Broaddus.

After a beautiful day of golf, stepping into the winner's circle was the team of Tad Barton, Shawn Barton, Brad Broaddus and Michael Stotts with a score of 52.


Second-place honors went to the team of Ronnie Garland, Tommy Helton, Jacob Henry and Kenny Wilson with a 55. Third place went to the team of Jake Grant, Chris Childers, Brian Todd and Jim Thomas with a 55.

Lisa Wall sent these results and she said, "Thanks to everyone who came out and played today! Great weather and lots of fun."

Congrats to these teams on their rounds today and special thanks to Lisa for this good report.


Movie morals have changed. When I was a kid, a film was obscene if the horse wasn't wearing a saddle -- Danny Thomas

Upcoming Events

Every Friday night -- Scramble at Madison Country Club. Open to the public. Sign up at 5 p.m. and start play at 5:30 p.m. Fun time come on out.

Other upcoming events at Madison Country Club:

Friday -- Night golf

Sept. 20 through 22 -- Swinging Duos Tournament

Final thought

When people are highly motivated, it's easy to accomplish the impossible. And when they're not. It's impossible.

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Until next time ... live, love, laugh and learn, Glenmore.

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