Richmond Police Major Steve Gregg, a registered Democrat, is the latest addition to those running for the position of Madison County Jailer in May’s 2010 primary election.

The campaign for jailer also includes Doug Thomas and Patrick Allan Begley, both Democrats as well.

Ron Devere has served as Madison County Jailer for the past 17 years, and announced in October that he would not be running for re-election in 2010.

Whoever fills the position next has a real challenge on his hands, Devere said.

The two main problems Devere noted were overcrowding and lack of funding.

The Madison County Detention Center originally was designed to accommodate 120 to 130 inmates, Devere said.

However, the daily average number of inmates can reach 300 or more, he said.

“The more people you have, the more crime you have, and this county’s growing,” he said.

The following is a list of 2010 election candidates according to Monday’s roster from the Madison County Clerk’s Office:

• County attorney: T. Marcum “Marc” Robbins, Democrat

• County clerk: Francette Durbin, Democrat; Lisa A. Davis, Democrat; Joey Fritz, Democrat; Kenny Barger, Republican

• County judge/executive: Benny Biggs, Democrat; Kent Clark, Democrat; Troy Lane, Democrat

• County coroner: Jimmy Cornelison, Democrat

• Jailer: Doug Thomas, Democrat; Patrick Allan Begley, Democrat; Steve Gregg, Democrat

• Magistrate, 1st District: Larry L. Combs, Democrat; Greg Lakes, Republican

• Magistrate, 2nd District: Wayne S. Long, Democrat; Roger D. Barger, Republican

• Magistrate, 3rd District: Robert E. Murphy, Democrat; John C. Tudor, Democrat; Harold Botner, Democrat; Ralph Oliver Jr., Democrat

• Magistrate, 4th District: Bruce B. Begley, Democrat; Jack Marcum, Democrat; Mike Isaacs, Democrat; Cory Erdmann, Democrat; Greg King, Republican

• Property Valuation Administrator: Billy Ackerman, Democrat

• Richmond Mayor: Jim Barnes, Non-partisan

• Richmond City Commissioner: Arthur G. Pace, Non-partisan

• Sheriff: Nelson E. O’Donnell, Democrat

• Constable, 1st District: J.B. Marcum, Democrat

• Constable, 2nd District: James E. House, Democrat; David Kelley, Democrat, Steven Kelly, Republican

• Constable, 3rd District: Bruce Thomas, Democrat; Richard Williamson, Democrat; Bill Goosey, Democrat

• Constable, 4th District: John Wright, Democrat; Billy Mitchell Sparks, Democrat

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