Xbox showcase leaves a lot to be excited for

Sara Kuhl

Register reporter

There's a lot to look forward to in the gaming world following the July 23 Xbox Games Showcase.

Despite its focus on the Xbox Series X, it featured games that will be available on the Xbox One and on the Windows 10 Xbox app, and there were definitely some big titles announced.

Namely, my social media has been filled with people looking forward to "Halo Infinite" and "State of Decay 3."

And a lot of people are hesitant with the announcement of a new "Fable" game, considering the last one, "Fable 3," left many of the franchise's fans disappointed following their love for the first one.

Not to mention, "Fable 3" launched a decade ago. Can the studio really revive a franchise that's been dead for a decade that ended on a note that left a bad taste in many people's mouths?

I don't have an answer, nor am I excited for those big titles. Something else, though, caught my eye.

And by catching my eye, I mean, there's one game that was teased that I'm ecstatic about: "Tetris Effect Connected."

For those unfamiliar, "Tetris Effect" is a game that came out in 2018 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

My significant other — who knows I've been a "Tetris" fan since I was old enough to have the hand-eye coordination required to play video games — bought it for me the night it was available.

We waited for it to download together, and he watched me beat the journey mode that same night.

It was love at first sight.

From it's upbeat, positive soundtrack to its impressive level designs that are gorgeous, I felt the video game industry achieved perfection that night.

As an avid music lover and video game enthusiast, the game satisfied every part of my brain.

Each time you even move or turn a block, the game adds a note in the track that's currently playing, and each level of the game had a unique track that was developed specifically for that level.

I was so in love that I showed it to all my friends the next time we had a gathering at my residence.

I've sunk hours into it just to try and beat my old high score, and I've never grown tired of it.

Then it became available on PC through the Epic Games Store, and sure enough, I bought a second copy of it.

After all, PC has always been my preferred platform for playing video games.

It was a no-brainer.

Mouse and keyboard simply is more intuitive to me than a controller, and with apps such as Steam, it's easier to find indie games, small developer studios, keep track of the games studios I like release and to read and write reviews.

The market of video games, I believe, has always been better on PC.

That is until Xbox Game Pass launched and also became available on PC.

For a subscription of about $15 a month, I have access to hundreds of games, both from big developers and small ones, on both my Xbox One and my PC through the Xbox app available on Windows 10.

And all these games announced at the recent showcase on July 23? They'll all be available to play with my Game Pass subscription.

Perhaps Xbox has created a better market for video gamers in general, especially with its tendency of allowing cross-play between the two systems for several titles.

But more importantly, that means when "Tetris Effect Connected" launches, I'll be able to play it on my Xbox One without buying a third copy of the game — even though I would because of my love for the game.

Plus, I'll get to experience it like I never have. The difference between the "Tetris Effect" I've known and loved on both PlayStation 4 and my PC and "Tetris Effect Connected" is that this new version of the game includes multiplayer.

Specifically, it includes a collaboration mode where players can build the blocks on each other's screens.

It also means I won't have to corral all my friends into my bedroom to share this experience I love so much with them, as we'll be able to play across multiple consoles (or computers with the app on Windows 10) across distances.

And I might even be able to share this experience with those I haven't yet, because as the first version of the game was single player, I'm not really sure how many of my friends also loved the game.

Additionally, with it being available on Game Pass, maybe some of my friends who haven't played it or seen it before will download it when they see it pop up on their Game Pass apps just out of curiosity.

To say I'm excited is an understatement, and I hope other gamers out there have something they're this excited about, too.

Reach Sara Kuhl at 624-6626; follow her on Twitter @saraekuhl.

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