Luigi was an extremely careful motorist who never let the car in front of him get too close. He was such a careful driver, in fact, that he took more time than the average dude to carefully consider all traffic and road signs. As a result, in the 20 years he had been driving an automobile, Luigi was never involved in an automobile accident. Notwithstanding, when the time came to do so, the Commissioner of Motor Vehicle refused to renew his driver's license.

Neither gruntled or disgruntled, perplexed Luigi confronted the Commissioner of Motor Vehicle with regard to his refusal to renew his driver's license.

"Why?" he asked puzzled. "I have been driving a car for 20 years without so much as a fender bender. And I take extra time to make sure I obey all the rules of the road."

"That may be," responded the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, "but in this state, you cannot be authorized to drive an automobile unless you can read, and you can't read. Without being able to read, how can you understand a traffic sign or a road direction? You can't! Ergo: No driver's license!"

Refusing to take "no" for an answer, Luigi took the matter to court.

IF YOU WERE THE JUDGE, would you order the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles to renew illiterate Luigi's driver's license?

This is how the judge ruled: YES! The judge held that considering Luigi's driving record and his taking an extra amount of time to carefully consider traffic signs probably makes him a safer and more responsible motorist than most.

Based upon a 1953 Pennsylvania Supreme Court Decision.

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