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If we could design an ideal scenario, all kids would be raised in a loving two-parent home. But that is hardly the reality in many cases.

Some parents are forced to give up their children because of circumstances, such as financial issues, drugs, not keeping their child in a safe, clean environment and so on.

A lot of those kids go into the foster care program hoping for one or both of their parents to one day come to take them home.

Sometimes one or both parents do that, but on too many occasions that sadly isn’t the case, which leaves these kids in foster care programs.

To become foster parents to these kids, people wanting to be involved need a high level of motivation.

Glasgow resident Patricia Dubert is one of those people who has really stepped up to the plate when it comes to fostering kids.

Since moving to Glasgow from California, Dubert became a foster parent with LifeSkills’ Therapeutic Foster Care program. She has fostered 600 kids in the 43 years she has been doing it. She has adopted two of the children she has fostered and is in the process of adopting a third. She has three foster children in her home now, including the one she is trying to adopt. She also has three biological children, 14 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

Dubert is a prime example of someone who shows complete selflessness in regard to taking these foster kids in, providing a good life for them and letting them know what it’s like to have a foster parent who truly loves them with all of their heart.

She is a true inspiration.

LifeSkills needs more people like Dubert to become foster parents.

LifeSkills officials say what they’re looking for are people with open hearts who are willing to open their homes to these foster kids. People who are interested in becoming foster parents must be patient and kind and realize that some of these kids have been through neglectful and abusive situations.

After coming to the meeting people can decide if being a foster parent is for them or not.

But make no mistake about it there is a great need for foster parents in our area and throughout the state, so we are hopeful that more people will step up to the plate and take these kids in to show them what a family is like and to give them love and compassion.

LifeSkills should be commended for having this program for foster kids and for trying to get more people to become foster parents.

— Bowling Green Daily News

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