A look at what readers have been talking about and commenting on The Register's Facebook page.

When we published a story recently about the County board of ed filling suit against e-cigarette companies, commenters had a lot to say. Here are some of your comments:

Joey Hall: When was the last time a vaping pipe went into a school and killed scores of kids?

Kim McKinley: Unreal....jumping on this crazy band wagon. These companies aren't making kids buy them. Why don't they sue the phone companies because of texting and driving? Liquor distributors for all drunk drivers?

Matt Humes: This is dumb. When will people learn that if someone wants to do something they'll find a way to do it. Banning and suing vape companies won't stop kids from vaping. Kids still smoke, drink and do drugs.

Gail Burns Jackson: They don't care about the kids. I'm sorry this is about the all mighty dollar. Shouldn't the parent be the ones suing who get the money?? So the kids aren't old enough to buy them so the parents should be sued? I mean where does this stop? This is ridiculous!!

Missy Pearson: The big problem in schools is the drugs. Stop running after the mighty dollar and ACTUALLY clean out what IS killing kids. Because kids can buy anything they want at school.

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Commenters also had much to say on a story about sheriff's budget being cut:

Collin E. Bell: It's only going to get worse...

Maria M. Williams: So I guess the citizens are going to have to take care of business??

Wayne Stacy: All of these commissioners should be recalled. This is pure retaliation for the community refusing to fund their jail. Selling off public property. Cutting the budgets of a successful sheriffs department. I bet you none of them offered to take a pay cut.

Charles Nichols: So they wanted to build a 40 million dollar jail but can't afford to pay for what they currently have going on. Sounds like there never was going to be a jail and they were going to use that money to stay afloat.

Dean Vencill: This issue started long before the administration was in there. It got pushed along till finally a fiscal court decided to grow some balls and start doing something about it. You all can spew all the hatred you want towards this judge and magistrates, but ultimately they are trying to fix problems that are required by the state. The people have spoken with their recall and now the court has to cut services to pay for keeping the current jail a float. If you think voting them out is going to fix the issue, YOU ARE WRONG!!! You need to be talking to the judges and legislators that make the laws ...

Lisa Georges Johnson: At a time in our county with overdose deaths and drugs at an all time high, how is this a way to save money? How about coming together for real solutions?

Paul Singer: Nothing but vindictiveness from our rulers. Cut 5% out of everything and 20% out of their salaries, and 25% out of their friends and relatives salaries and fees. There are a lot of BS things that are not Health and SAFETY items they could close down altogether.

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