A look at what readers have been talking about and commenting on The Register's Facebook page.

When we published a story recently about overdoses trending up in Madison County, commenters had a lot to say. Here are some of your comments:

Jaylen Edington: My Sister and her Son both died last year on that stupid s***.

Milo Thompson: I can help with that we all can. When you see something report it. Use social media these idiots who use have a friends list that is a trail that leads right to the dealers themselves.

Marsha Hayes: Praying for those addicted and their families.

Mary Turley-Renfro: We are keeping dirty needles off the roads, parks, yards. The Hepititus is going down in Madison County.

Betty Logsdon: My youngest son was part of that 2017 number. My heart is in that number. A part of my life is in that number. I pray each and every day for change and for a sign of something I can do to help.

• • •

Commenters also had much to say on a story about the GOP Senate:

Donald Robinson: Why call them back for anything? They didn't do a damm thing during regular session.

Tom Parker: "McConnell knows those ideas have little Republican support"? That may be true among GOP Senators, but a Gallup poll this week "found that 55 percent of GOP voters were comfortable with banning assault weapons, and 54 percent said they would support stricter gun laws more generally. Ninety percent said they would back universal background checks for gun sales."

Terry Gaunce: Dump Moscow Mitch

JC Deaton: We can always get out our kitchen knives and muzzle loaders when we're invaded by the Chinese

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