A look at what readers have been talking about and commenting on The Register's Facebook page.

When we published a story recently about jail overcrowding, commenters had a lot to say. Here are some of your comments:

Denise-Miguel Flores: Wow they need to make a bigger building.

Rhonda Gadd Rose: The jailer has one job, taking care of the detention center, or supposed to anyway!

Amanda Sowers: I wonder how many of these folk are sitting in jail on drug offenses or drug related offenses? Sure seems like the jail-prison system to combat substance abuse doesn't work as a deterrent maybe we should try some rehabilitation?

Shannon Crowe: So why not set some bonds where people can get out and do some rehab or at least work. Instead making them stay in there and let their minds go crazy. My man is in there for DUI. Heck take his DL's and make him do some classes or rehab and make him pay some fines, at least let him come support his family. It's hard taking care of 3 boys by myself. And the baby is 6 days old and he's missing everything.

Ray Edwards: You'd think everyone that could be arrested, has been arrested. Wonder how many are seen over and over?

Donna Rose: We need rehabilitation homes, not jails. Majority are repeat offenders drug related offenses

Nancy Pearson: They need a rehabilitation center here, if they have to add on to our detention center an place some of them there it's sad that this county wont do something to help alot of these people, yeah they want to arrest these people an make there money off them, but could care less if they are suffering or not, sad that our county don't care about our people.....its all about that almighty dollar, never about the people.....as I said SAD!!!!

Brandon L McIntosh: Everyone saying we need this and we need that! Well folks it takes money! But when it comes down to crunch time and talk of raising taxes for these thing are brought up, people flip off the deep end...then they get on FB and say we need this and we need that and the process repeats itself over and over and nothing gets done.

Bridget Alexander: It's not the jailers fault that all these inmates are in there.He just houses them.The inmates go before a judicial system.

Ronnie Thomas: Instead of jail put them to work and require everyone that comes out to get a trade and or a high school equivalency that and work about 50 hours a week to support his or her family at home plus pay his rent and such at the rehab center... other words make um work and see if they want to come back.

Bob Gayheart: We do need a bigger jail, but who is going to pay for it?

Joshua Lee: They can send half of those to rehab, I'm sure they need it

Betty Logsdon: A million dollars a year!!! In my opinion that could go a long way into treatment and rehabilitation programs. We ALL have a responsibility to stop this drug problem before these kids grow up and reach this phase. It doesn't have to be our child. Reach out to every child possible and let them know you care and they are special. Give them hope. Many have none. We have a very large group of children growing up today who have parents in prison or already dead. So if the problem is bad now, just give it 10 years.

Brenda Noe: It's a shame they say it's humanity crisis at the boarder it's crazy to take kids from there parents what about our on citizens locked up like animals away from there families and kids... Give them all rehabilitation let them out to help with the raising of there kids.. it's a shame!

Nona Queen: More treatment for drug addiction is so needed.

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