A look at what readers have been talking about and commenting on The Register's Facebook page.

When we published several stories recently about homelessness in Madison County, commenters had a lot to say. Here are some of your comments:

Sharon Simpson: Sad, but the liberal democrats want to take care of all the illegals, and manufacture their caravans at the southern border, so they can make money with the drug cartels, and let all the violence and and criminals enter illegally into America! No one cares about taking care of of those Americans that need help, or cares about our safety, but PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! Sad world that we live in!!!

Brandy Hoskins: I would love to see and contribute to more programs for children. They are never at fault for their home situation and more and more often, kids are losing stability to parents with mental illness, substance abuse, etc. What can we contribute?

Maria M. Williams: His own family wouldn't let him lay on the floor to be safe and warm? Something don't sound right?

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Commenters also had much to say on a story about the dangers of building bigger jails:

Maria M. Williams: Jail or service time in the military. Teach them some respect.

Jamie N Ken Hightower: Chain gangs & HARD labor. If they were put to work & I mean, WORK, I promise you'd see a decrease in crime.

Mike Spivey: I like Madison county but their judicial system has a lot problems

David Livingston: We are experiencing the same issue in Scott County. The article provides problems, but not solutions. I'd like to hear some proposed solutions from Professor Schept.

Kelly Asher: Stop jailing people who commit non-violent offenses. Admit that the drug war hasn't worked, isn't working, and will never work. Maybe start there.

Kenny Pierson: The courts don't want to help these young kids. More money for the county or to go to buy another building that the county don't need

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