A look at what readers have been talking about and commenting on The Register's Facebook page.

When we published a story recently about mandatory meal plans at EKU, commenters had a lot to say. Here are some of your comments:

Deborah Rockey: Put an alarm on your phone to get your hard earned money back. They are planning on you forgetting and keeping your money. You shouldn't have to ask for your own money back. They should never ask for this money in the first place and since they have they should automatically mail it back to you without you having to request a refund on your own money! This is nuts!

Sarah WarnerLister: Um...no. In my five years at EKU I never once ate at the cafeteria. Keep it up EKU...your bubble is the next to burst in our economy.

Billy Wellinghurst: Now EKU gets a free loan from its own students that they don't have to repay until the end of they year. How sad.

Staci Kennon: Well, I guess it's like an emergency food savings acct. If you don't use it by the end of spring, you can request a refund. It's not a charge, it's a reserve acct. Read the article before you hop on that high horse.

Libby Rogers Horn: This is a rip off for commuters! My daughter works and pays her own tuition and books. She has packed her lunch for her first two years to save as much money as she can. Then this... EKU should be ashamed.

Angela Gaddis Breakall: My husband and I graduated from EKU and our daughters and now I've advised my 3 sons to go a different route. This is one of the reasons. Others include removing degrees that actually make money and keeping ones that typically get you nothing for all that money.

John Cooper: It's all about the money. They need more money to spend on the sports program. They could care less about teaching anything. That seems to be a thing of the past. It's all about sports.

Collin E. Bell: That's because Aramark charges an astronomical fee for subpar food. Since Aramark paid to have the new dining facility built, it needs students to pay up. I remember my freshman year though we had to have a meal plan for the first year.

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Commenters had this to say on a story about school bus passing violators:

Carolyn Thomas Kelley: Maybe you consider slowing those buses down.

Mary Jane Winstead Jones: I have got a question that does concern me. Why do the stop signs on the bus don't come out until the bus is almost stopped.

Daedra Colwell: Some buses have either nearly or completely run a couple of people off the road. Hopefully this will monitor the unsafe drivers and protect the terrified children.

Jeremy Pooler: That's good; maybe now the buses can stop blocking roads almost have had 3 buses hit me doing that crap

Ross Hines: Or speeding in a school zone? I've had people almost run my SUV over because I slow down & they refuse to.

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Commenters also had much to say on a story about restoring cemeteries:

Debra Rogers: Families should take turns cleaning up the graveyards that their family members are buried in. It's just sad that nobody has respect for the dead anymore.

Peter Snyder: Debra in some cases family doesn't or can't clean this up for whatever reason. It is in my own personal experience many times when it comes to cemeteries this is such the case. This is where I come in and take care of this no problem. All I ask is someone come talk to me about this job. I am willing to cut several of the trees down that's over kill as well even in the winter months no problem. There just a few thoughts.

James J Shannon Jr: The Kincaid Pioneer Cemetery at Richmond Battle Field Park on Crooksville Road is in bad shape. A friend had it cleaned few years ago.

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