A look at what readers have been talking about and commenting on The Register's Facebook page.

When we published a story recently about downtown parking meters, commenters had a lot to say. Here are some of your comments:

Carol Anderson: Well, if people decide not to go downtown for their entertainment, or if only half of the people you expect to come downtown come downtown, then the money you are expecting to generate doesn't happen. Now you've spent all that money on the meters, the installation for them and the meter maids. This is all predicated on a "what if " theory ....

Justin Pyatt: Above the businesses downtown are apartments, the people that live in these apartments are the people that occupy a lot of the parking downtown. They get away with this because the parking is not monitored properly. Parking meters are a sign of growth and also provides income. The issue i have is that the income will not be properly monitored and the money will not be used properly once the initial cost is covered... lots of greedy people involved!

Jamey Adams: and just like that people stopped going downtown at all.

James Watts: Bet all of them 'Officials', will have a Free Parking Pass to put in their Windows or hang on the Rearview mirror for their Cars???

Charlene Keeton Klein: Great. Now I will never go down there.

Jerry Hacker: Fine, but we better see our streets fixed. But really all it would do is kill what business that's left downtown.

Newman Mike: How about building a parking garage and charge for parking in it. Take away parking on main st all together and add more lanes so traffic can move smoother. How about teaming up with EKU and bring more of the university downtown. Bring more businesses downtown. Put some nice bars downtown to bring back some sort of night life back.

Ben Hoverter: This is not a way to bring people downtown. Parking is already at a premium without these fees, and the city is struggling to get people to visit downtown businesses as it is. I refuse to drive on water street for fear of damaging my car, so my money does not go to Subway as it is. If I have to spend $1 a day, $5 a week, to equal $260 a year will mean that I will not contribute my $5-$10 a day, $25-$50 a week, to equal $1,300-$3,068 per year to the downtown businesses that could use it. I will just go to the bypass instead. I truly don't mind giving money to Richmond, I just don't like it being taken away from me.

Shirley Rutherford Canfield: Keep on & will drive people away from downtown. Businesses will suffer.

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