A look at what readers have been talking about and commenting on The Register's Facebook page.

When we published a story recently about Richmond looking at parking meters downtown, commenters had a lot to say. Here are some of your comments:

Alvaro Wanda Zamora: Another reason not to go to downtown.

Jeremy Young: No it wouldn't. The people would stop going downtown and it would take longer for you to get the money

Shaun Turnur: So, adding metered parking will pay for the additional parking meters and metered parking reinforcement with "potential goals" to pay for other things. Sounds like a net gain to the community of about $0.

Chris Rhodus: Just another reason i don't go to the stores downtown. Good to see the city manager is a moron

Chad Adkins: This seems dumb... we're a small town. Small towns don't do this...

Becky Martin Johnson: A dollar a hour. People here can't pay that. Better for the city. People will be getting tickets. Better for the city. What's downtown? Meters so you can go pay those tickets.

Dale Walker: I cant see parking meters being used that much and the cost of a designated person would outweigh income.

Kevin Collier: Richmond is getting a little ahead of itself...

James Rowe: So stupid, why no one shop down town

Chadwick Horn: Why not congestion parking meters? We had them in California. When it's slow or after certain hours, meters are free. As fewer become available (demand is higher), they go up in price. $1/hr isn't that much if you really think about it, but they should give ppl living or working there a permit to park for free.

Hope E. Jones: A dollar an hour is ridiculous. It will kill business.

Cindy Shandor Schwendeman: Would the parking be free after 5pm and on weekends, like a lot of cities? If so, I would still go to downtown restaurants at those times. But I will no longer patronize those places when the parking fee is charged. There are too many other good choices elsewhere with free parking.

Michael Walker: Making folks pay to park will pretty much doom any downtown businesses that are operating and there will no longer be a need for any downtown projects to spend it on

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