A look at what readers have been talking about and commenting on The Register's Facebook page.

When we published a story recently about the county potentially raising property taxes, commenters had a lot to say. Here are some of your comments:

Rose Whitaker: Find another way! We already pay way too much in taxes!

Bridget Ohair: Why will it cost 45 million to build a stupid jail. It doesn't cost that much so where is the rest of the money going to go? In the pockets of the higher ups.

Cheri Miller Lunsford: Is there a petition to sign to stop the tax raise.

Sue Combs-Parke: This is not right to punish the home owner/ It's hard enough to pay what where paying now need to try and stop this.

Fran Hoagland: We moved to Madison County from Fayette County mainly due to all the tax increases. We had a large tax increase just a couple of years ago in our area (N. Madison Co.) Now we are getting another. Fayette County is looking good again.

Wallace Richardson: Why don't you put it on the ballot? Let us decide if we want a new wing on the jail! Why are you taking state prisoners if there's no space?

Elaine Cress: Proper management of finances available should be top priority not raising taxes.

Chelsea Whited: Why don't they just spend the money on rehabilitation centers and help people rather than lock them up like animals in overcrowded cells?

Margie Hamm Rucker: Looks to me like it would be better to go out in the county and build a jail with that kind of money and use the one in town just for women. Looks like by the time they build on, there wouldn't be any parking lot or any place to spark at the jail. This way they could build a bigger jail and house people out of town and make money that way to pay this off faster.

Al Richardson: Vote anyone who wants tax increase OUT

Jamison Ornella Rogers: We can't even keep corruption or drugs out of the jail and we are supposed to pay 45 million for a new one?

Megan Barger: Send non violent offenders home on a monitor or drug users to rehab, speed up the court dates & the "evidence" coming back for crimes, send the pot heads back home. There's people in there who haven't even committed crimes, but are locked up for accusations. Some have been waiting years for evidence to come back to prove their cases.

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