Gov. Beshear and the KEA

During the latter part of former Governor Matt Bevin's term in office, around 1,000 Kentucky Teachers used "sick outs" as excuses for why they needed to abandon their classrooms closing many school districts across the state to converge in Frankfort over proposed changes to the public pension system which would not have affected a single current employee nor any current retirees.

Governor Bevin's Labor Cabinet had deemed that these teachers broke the law, which prohibits public employees from participating collectively or individually in a work stoppage or strike for the purpose of bargaining for benefits from their employer. KRS 336.130 Section 1 is where it defines that public employees are not given these rights. The reasons for this is obvious.

We would not want EMS, fire fighters, police officers, etc. abandoning their jobs and duty to the public in order to protest. Public teachers are indeed public employees and fall within the prohibition defined in this KRS. It wasn't enough that Governor Bevin's administration failed to levy any actual punishment upon these teachers that broke the law. Governor Andy Beshear has had his Labor Cabinet declare that even though these teachers created a work stoppage and protested against their employer for benefits, that they didn't actually break with the KRS that prohibits public employees from creating a work stoppage to bargain for benefits.

Obviously this was the quo or that in the quid pro quo arrangement that Governor Beshear had with the KEA which spear headed the illegal protests. So the only question now is, when does the Kentucky Legislature immediately investigate Governor Beshear and the KEA for this?

Virgil Edwards


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