Dear Editor:

I write because of the recent attention paid to the fence — or no-fence — around Irvine-McDowell Park.

Such extensive attention is, quite frankly, laughable. With so many other issues to debate and so much city-wide improvement needed, I find it baffling not only that the Register continues to run multiple articles on the story, but also that city residents continue to remain incensed on the subject.

While I understand some city residents may feel like they were “wronged” in the whole debacle — What protocol! No respect for our tax dollars! — there are much more important issues to be discussed than whether or not a fence is placed around a park the majority of the public, including those who speak the loudest, never regularly step foot in.

The public should instead ask themselves what the city commission did NOT accomplish at its meetings, instead of placing so much importance on a fence or any other issue which, in the long run, doesn’t affect our daily lives.

The lack of usable sidewalks all over the city, the absolute non-existence of bike racks downtown, urban renewal efforts, planning and zoning issues — including a more structured city-wide plan — these are all things the city commission SHOULD be addressing; these are all things the residents of Richmond SHOULD be passionate about.

Stop talking about the fence and start talking about the bigger picture.

Morgan Eaves


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