Tuesday, Nov. 2 is an important day for voters of the 89th District seat of the Kentucky House of Representatives, which contains Southeastern Madison County , all of Jackson County and part of Northwest Laurel County.

There is a special election to be held to fill that district's vacant House seat.

These folks decide and enact laws that affect every facet of your life. You should take a few minutes of your time and educate yourself on the candidates, which could hardly be farther apart on most issues.

Then, go vote!

Berea has "early voting" and I'm sure most other counties have that set up as well.

God Bless the Commonwealth of Kentucky,

Randy Coffey


Baptist Health, Saint Joseph physicians plead 'help us to help you'

As physicians, we are called to care for the sick no matter the time of the day, or day of the week.

We are asked to put others before ourselves. During the pandemic, our call is no different. We are using our knowledge of science, clinical skills and compassion to help others.

But we need more help.

We cannot fight this battle against COVID-19 alone, and we must use every tool at our disposal. These tools include masking, hand washing, keeping a few feet of distance between ourselves and others, and receiving a vaccine. Together, these measures can help keep members of your family from becoming severely ill, being hospitalized or even dying from COVID-19.

Right now, what we need most is help from our community. We are asking for - imploring - you to support these efforts. Without everyone doing their part, we are at risk for failure.

If you could only walk in our shoes and see the patients we see. We so desperately need everyone in this community to wear a mask when in public and to receive a vaccine. These are simple measures that, if we all do them, can save many from the huge challenges they will face if someone in their family contracts COVID-19.

At any time, you or a family member could need care for any number of health issues. Even during the pandemic, it is critical that we have the capacity to continue care for those with heart disease, cancer, stroke, injuries, and other medical conditions.

We can only do this by reducing the number of people seeking care for COVID-19.

Without our community's support and collaboration, our hospitals are at the brink of being unable to effectively care for our communities in the same ways in which we are all accustomed.

So please, help us to be able to help you. Without your support, we will not be successful.

Dr. Erica Gregonis

Chief Medical Officer, Baptist Health Richmond

Dr. Shelley Stanko

Chief Medical Officer, Saint Joseph Berea

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