It's your town

It seems like in Berea we fight the same fight every two years.

The goal: Hold the majority on Berea City Council.

How do we hold on?

Go vote. And ... allow a conservative council member or one of the two potential conservative voices now running for a seat put a sign in your yard.

Write a letter of support to the local papers. Donate some campaign funding to them. Wear their shirts. Discuss this election at breaktime and around the water cooler. Clue your neighbors and friends in.

This is too important a choice to allow the progressives to win.

People need to understand that their taxes go up, waste increases, "free programs" increase & Berea grows poorer each time we elect a bunch of "progressives."

We've already spent a decade and a half and $15,000,000 on "tourism" in Berea with nothing but a handful of empty buildings we owe on to show for it. We have not had a new factory here in over 15 years.

The Conservative incumbents are Cora Jane Wilson, Jerry Little, Ronnie Terrill, Jim Davis and David Rowlette. The two newcomer candidates with conservative ties are Donnie Scalf and Teresa Scenters.

That gives us seven.

Steve Caudill often entertains the ideals of, and votes with, the liberals/progressives, but they do need a voice.

A vote for any of the six "new" progressives is a vote for increased taxes, spending, regulation, a loss of your rights, and a signal to the rest of the world -- "We Have Given Up" and our 1,400 person "March for the Berea Police" indicates to me we have not given up.

Vote for the eight best people we can put up there.

It's your town.

Take care of it.

Randy Coffey


Well done, Ricki!

Register reporter Ricki Pryor is to be congratulated for her very moving article about EKU basketball coach A. W. Hamilton's tribulations.

I know coach Hamilton personally. If there is one person who works tirelessly toward achieving his goals, it is the coach.

Ms. Pryor, thank you so much for your excellent article.

Charles Hay


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