Hicks is an outstanding candidate for Congress

The Democratic primary is upon us and we are supporting Josh Hicks for Congress from the 6th District.

He grew up on a farm in Fleming County, has worked in construction. He served in the Marines, attended Georgetown College, Morehead State, and the University of Kentucky Law School and now practices law in Lexington.

So he has wide-ranging life and work experience across both urban and rural areas of the district. He addresses needs and problems that are often ignored in political campaigns in a way that bridges interests across the urban and rural regions of the district with specific action commitments.

You can find out more on his web site -- https://joshhicksforcongress.com

For example, he shares with Democrats in general a commitment to affordable health care, but includes a commitment to help rural hospitals. He supports general infrastructure development and affordable college education, key contributors to both urban and rural economic development, but also includes an emphasis on job-friendly high-speed internet in rural areas.

His commitment on the environment includes a specific concern about toxic waste in rural areas. He has committed himself to tax reform, and other reforms that many politicians ignore, such as the effort to end gerrymandering. And he promises not to use a seat in Congress to sell himself into a high-paid job as a lobbyist.

Josh Hicks is willing to make thoughtful commitments on issues that other politicians have avoided or ignored.

He's just an outstanding candidate!

Glenn and Jane Rainey


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