Perspective on Berea City Council race from a young Berean

After spending the first 17 years of life in Berea, I’ve grown to become passionate about the community that raised me.

Berea is a special place to live and the promotion of real growth and development in our community is something that needs to be taken seriously because Berea —like the rest of the country — is at a pivotal point in time.

A select group of individuals have a strong hold on the powers of our local government, a group of individuals that ignore the demands of the ever-changing society that we live in today because they would rather life be like it was 30 years ago. This group of individuals have taken up several crucial seats on Berea’s City Council for decades and they use their power as elected officials to fulfill their own personal interests and desires, rather than making decisions for the greater good of our community.

These city council members have an aversion to change because they’re so accustomed to having it their way, the old way, but it’s time to elect someone who is ready to bring good change to our community.

Berea City Council candidate Shane Barton has overseen community planning, development, and change at the professional level for over a decade. Shane is ready to help our community grow at the right time for the right reasons.

He’s committed to positive social and economic change in this town, so the next generation of Bereans can live in a community that is accepting of everyone and a community that in his own words, can be a “beacon of local wealth creation.”

Please consider joining me in voting for Shane Barton for Berea City Council.

Baylor Hill


Students should be given option to study from home, permanently

My name is Dylan Bowles. I am a 15-year-old Boy Scout in Troop 2014

I am a sophomore at Madison Central this year and also participating on the high school swim team.

I’m working on my Communications Merit Badge. One requirement is writing a letter to the editor of my local newspaper to express an opinion on a topic of my choice. I’m writing to express my opinion on going back to school.

Madison County gave three options to help with the pandemic. I actually choose option three, which is to stay at home all year and do independent learning.

I’d like to see my friends, but with my activities outside of school, I get to see a few and remain busy. Plus I’m a little anxious about the safety precautions.

However, I feel confident they will do a good job at keeping the students safe. I believe they have already started in the right direction by requiring anyone in a building, they must wear a mask and have their temperature taken.

I actually think that these options should be put in place for all school years, not just this year because of COVID-19. I like the idea of having to do my work on my own time not just at certain times.

Thank you for letting me take this opportunity to express my concerns and voice my opinion about returning to school in the fall.

I look forward to any feedback you’d like to share.

Thanks for your time.

Dylan G. Bowles


Homeless and abandoned in Kentucky

I discovered an elderly woman with a wheelchair, sleeping on the hard concrete of an abandoned gas station at the corner of North Porter St. and Eastern Bypass in Richmond.

This woman has been there for at least three days. Richmond police are aware of her presence there. I tried my best to assist the woman to get into a hotel, but was unsuccessful.

I brought her liquids and some food, and gave her a cell phone, but she needs a lot more help than that.

Although her location is just adjacent to a popular restaurant — Hooters — I doubt that anyone there can see her. Also, she is constantly exposed to the ear-splitting noise of traffic on the nearby Eastern Bypass, plus the youngsters who like to drive very loud cars and motorcycles in her vicinity.

This woman desperately needs help, but apparently there is none in Richmond.

If this is the Kentucky of Andy Beshear and Mitch McConnell, then I want no part of it.

David Wade


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