Hicks a better choice than Barr for Congress

Every few years a truly outstanding candidate for public office comes along. This year that candidate is Josh Hicks, who is running for the 6th District congressional seat against Andy Barr.

Josh knows what it's like to struggle financially. He worked his way through college and then law school while working full-time as a police officer and raising a family. He understands and respects law enforcement. He also knows what it's like to lack affordable health care and wants to improve access for Kentuckians through a Medicare buy-in option.

Andy Barr has voted repeatedly against the Affordable Care Act and wants it repealed, which would result in a loss of coverage for hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians. Barr also voted against negotiating drug prices with Medicare.

Barr is bought and sold by banks, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies and votes accordingly. Josh will fight to end dark money and political corruption and will represent the people, not the PACS.

Unlike Barr, Josh is a veteran and served his country proudly as a Marine in two deployments. He knows what it's like to work hard and is not a career politician. Barr has had his chance as our representative and has failed. It's time for a change. Please vote for Josh Hicks for Congress.

Michele T. Gore


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