Shane Morris

GS Morris

"Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present controls the past."

If I could give only two pieces of reading advice to young parents, they would be to teach your children from the King James Bible, and Orwell's 1984. The first to set them on the path to eternal salvation, the second to inoculate them from the tools of intimidation wielded on this mortal world by "woke" social justice warriors.

Englishman George Orwell was a study in contradictions. Though a socialist, Orwell none-the-less recognized the cancer at the heart of collectivism: Totalitarianism. Totalitarians demand not only obedience from their subjects; they demand the oppressed LOVE their oppression.

Gazing out upon today's political landscape, it isn't difficult for the students of Orwell to recognize the forces of totalitarianism at play in our nation. The "Ministry of Truth" would smile upon the peddling of rationed medicine using the consciously deceptive "Doublespeak" promise of "Medicare For All." The tired label of "racist" or smear du jour, "white nationalist" (Ahhh!) is swung like a cudgel against anyone who dares criticize the Leftist party line. Speak truth against the orthodoxy of the politically correct "Inner Party"? Gird yourself for the stooly mass media's "Two Minutes Hate" and run the risk of becoming a deplatformed "Unperson."

Your own children made "Junior Spies" for the state by government monopolized schools; anointed tech giants monitoring your thoughts for "acceptable" standards, possibly resulting in charges of "hate" (thought) crimes; and deviant mayors "vaporizing" in the middle of the night monuments to our nation's past. 1984 is only now coming into its sharpest focus. Listening to the extremist rhetoric spewing from the 2020 Democrat candidates for president; it is not difficult at all to envision as the great seer said, "The future as a boot stamping on a human face -- forever."

Shane Morris is a retired soldier and teacher.

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