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Well, the persistence of public educators paid off.

Finding a public school teacher who voted for Gov. Matt Bevin would be like spotting a speck of red among blue-clad Kentucky fans at Rupp Arena during a Louisville-Kentucky basketball game.

A win wasn't in the cards for Bevin, and the result can almost certainly be chalked up to an immovable stance taken by teachers across the commonwealth.

It was close enough for Bevin to call for a recanvass, but Andy Beshear's near-5,000-vote edge held strong. Bevin made the right decision by conceding, allowing the state to move forward with a new leader.

Leaders in classrooms, though, seized the spotlight.

Their passion should be a positive sign for students who pack those classrooms and hallways.

The reward appears to be a raise -- Beshear promises educators a plan that entails considerable salary bumps across the board.

Soon, it'll be truth-or-dare time for Beshear. Dare he break his promise or will his words ring truthful?

Politics aside, hats off to the teachers for standing up for what -- or, in this case, who -- they believe in: the kids.

Their long hours that extend well into evenings and weekends will, if Beshear's words bear fruit, pay off just as their unwavering fervor did over the last year or so.

Over the next four years, every time a school bell sounds, they'll hopefully remember November 2019, when they stood firm for the kids they stand in front of every morning and afternoon.

No matter the curriculum, perhaps they already taught one of the most valuable lessons through their actions leading up to this past election: Persistence pays.

-- The Daily Independent, Ashland

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