Shane Morris

GS Morris

Kentuckians are no longer compelled to pay a tax in order to fully exercise their Second Amendment right to bear arms; and everything will be just fine. The tired "Blood in the streets" myths never come true.

The most commonly mentioned reason for obtaining or maintaining a carry permit is it will still be required in order for you to legally carry a concealed handgun in other recognizing states. Another often overlooked fact is a Kentucky resident must have a valid Kentucky CCDW Permit so as not to be in violation of the federal Gun-Free Schools Act of 1990 (GFSZA) while in possession of a firearm at or near school zones. According to state law, an adult may possess a firearm on school property under a number of circumstances (KRS 527.070(3)). The GFSZA has a clear exception for the possession of a firearm on school property by a citizen of the state where the school is located, IF that state conducts background checks for the issuance of a concealed carry permit; Kentucky is one of those states.

Until local school boards exercise their authority to ensure each of our schools (particularly our most vulnerable elementary schools) have a minimum of three employees at each school carrying concealed handguns (KRS 527.070(3)(f)); and/or local sheriffs exercise their clear authority to swear as many school employees as special deputies as may be necessary to cover ALL a county's schools from the very real emergency posed by homicidal maniacs (KRS 70.045(2)); and/or the state legislature ends the asinine prohibition on concealed carry in Kentucky schools (the legislature hasn't the constitutional authority to limit openly carrying firearms, anywhere); then individual school employees should act on their own, in concert with current Kentucky state laws, to provide our kids SOME means of armed protection.

As examples, talk and plan with like-minded school employees who understand the "Hope For The Best" child protection model would never be considered for politicians' children and therefore shouldn't be counted on to "protect" our children; obtain a master key for your building(s); and keep the handgun you're most accurate with inside your locked vehicle nearest the closest exit to your primary building location. All perfectly legal under KRS 527.020(4).

Excuses are continually made by officials as to why our children just CAN'T be protected. For example: "Insurance wouldn't cover us." False. The arming of school personnel is legal under multiple Kentucky state laws. Ask the excuse makers how retailers "allow" concealed carry on their property and yet remain insured? Answer: Because Kentucky state law forbids your disarmament at ANY public place; though you may have to do so "openly."

In closing, the bottom line remains the new school year will begin next month and your children could be protected utilizing existing laws; yet they remain vulnerable. Protection negligently continues to be withheld from our school children by officials who allow their faith in superstitions to trump protecting these precious lives.

Shane Morris is a retired soldier and teacher.

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