We’re living in anxious and uncertain times!

When you stop to consider all the nationalities and various racial groups comprising these United States, we truly are the great melting pot of over 330 million people!

There are bound to be differences of thought, opinions, outlooks, perceptions, and even unknown differences within such diversity.

The pot has come to the boiling point at various times in our history, but what we’re experiencing now is threatening democracy as we know it.

We’ve been divided many times during our history as a nation and we managed to coexist and move on. But, the current divisions are the worst we’ve seen since the Civil War.

And, what makes the current divisions so dangerous is that they are occurring on so many different fronts amidst a terrible coronavirus pandemic.

The political madness surrounding us is creating division and fractures we may never recover from.

Mistrust and suspicion has made many Americans literally angry with each other to the point of forgetting our collective American ideals. Our country, buttressed by the Constitution, has survived its differences and for the most part has accommodated the diversity of its people.

We’ve always counted on the bedrock belief that no one person or group could or would completely tear down what the country stands for.

But, we’ve entered into is an era of unprecedented selfishness, starting at the top of our national leadership.

I’ve always felt that the tail shouldn’t wag the dog.

Everyday citizens, the people, we pay the freight in this country.

And, the vast majority of Americans are not motivated or driven to lead movements or champion lofty idealism supported by wealth and privilege.

What drives most of us is trust and hope in a proven system of rules and laws, though flawed, which have guided and sustained us.

When this order is threatened, ordinary people become frustrated and worried. That’s where we are now, uneasy and real concerned about the way our routines have been disrupted.

Having little to do with race or anything else, most Americans’ lives are centered around their jobs and caring for their families. Most people wake up thinking about the health and well-being of their families and the income source (a job) to pay their bills, which maintains one’s family lifestyle.

I’m open to any views countering this line of thought!

These days, the coronavirus pandemic has become the constant in our thinking.

The authorities tell us, in fact, we can see for ourselves the increasing numbers of cases of the virus and the potential deaths coming our way.

At this rate one American dies every minute!

Americans are praying and hoping that their loved ones won’t be touched by this monster, but we just don’t know.

Politics, generally bad news, and a foreboding of the future have left Americans weary, fearful, and in many instances, hopeless. People are losing their jobs, resulting in lost incomes, creating divorces, break ups of family units, and even increased numbers of suicides.

And, again, all in the midst of a raging coronavirus pandemic.

At the moment Americans are coping with the chaos and struggling to get back to normalcy as we knew it.

But will we?

Politically, we’re experiencing the travails that other countries are plagued with, the countries we only read about.

Our country has set records for voter turnout in the past election, but the more those numbers increase, seemingly, the more divided we are. The number of people who believe the presidential election wasn’t fair and equitable rival the numbers of those who believe the election was fair and legitimate, creating a major split.

The scary part is that a goodly number of Americans truly believe that their votes did not count and that their choice for the nation’s top elected office was cheated out of winning, and they’re angry about it!

Newly elected leadership is faced with an array of challenges, not the least of which is to convince roughly half of the country’s citizens that they will be heard and are fully vested with the same rights and privileges of all Americans!

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