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How does one shake off a bad dream?

Many of us don’t recall vivid details of our dreams every night, but if you do endure a nightmare, it’s as if you’ve accomplished conquering a gauntlet containing a myriad of the most undesirable obstacles.

If you’re like most throughout this COVID-19 pandemic, you’re waking up with hopes of shedding this awful dream you’ve encountered.

The problem is it’s cold, hard reality.

So, how does one make the best of a bad situation?

The 1965 song “Help!” by the Beatles is fitting.

Vanilla Ice even rapped the right words: “If there is a problem, yo, I’ll solve it.”

Who knew the Beatles and Vanilla Ice could assist us during a crisis?

The message: Be a problem-solver by looking for ways to help.

You know what doesn’t help or solve the problem? Panic.

Panic, coupled with fear, creates a dangerous driving force toward regrettable actions such as fist-fighting in a grocery store aisle, hoarding items others may desperately need, making jokes about a lethal virus and causing conflicts on social media.

What’s the opposite of panic? Calmness and relaxation are appropriate antonyms. Does that mean complacency and a nonchalant attitude? Not at all. It just means putting everything into perspective and making wise decisions in a calculated, serene way.

Search for simple ways to help. Those little acts will add up. Look at what nice things others are doing, such as setting up a community exchange for people in need, volunteering to grab a few groceries for an elderly neighbor or supporting a local business.

Kindness still exists. It can carry us through this bad dream.

— Daily Independent, Ashland

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