Hey. Does anyone know what day it is?

I’ve been losing track lately.

Monday morphs into Tuesday and I barely notice. It’s hard to tell them apart since I follow the same basic routine each day.

So, Wednesday, Thursday and the rest of the week all seem to mush together as well.

I’m not complaining about the temporary restrictions meant to keep us safe and healthy. I know it can always be worse. And has been.

We currently have electricity for lights, heat, and hot water so we can wash dishes, clothes and ourselves, cook and keep food in the fridge cold.

Unlike the ice storm of 2009, when our home was without all of those conveniences for seven full days. In the winter. When our kids were young and required much more effort to entertain.

Still, we were within walking distance of EKU, which had all the creature comforts and a working dining room. We ate there. Slept in Mason’s office or the International Student lounge. Ran races in the hallways for exercise. And rented movies from Blockbuster at night.

At least now the kids are grown and can take care of themselves. Plus, there’s been plenty of fresh air and sunshine to brighten my mood as I walk or bike around town, offering people I pass by a Vulcan handshake—you know, the “live long and prosper” hand gesture that involves no touching.

This beats sitting at home, staring at the four walls and driving everyone nuts with my restlessness.

I usually start the morning with my daily dose of news. Mostly about coronavirus.

What else is there to report on?

I limit how much time I spend scrolling through the updates, analysis and reminders. I don’t want to overdose on all the information.

It wouldn’t be healthy.

Even though I have plenty of time on my hands, I don’t spend much of it in the kitchen.

For a family that eats out a lot, we’ve tried to fend for ourselves for a while. But we decided early on to keep it simple. No need for fancy fixings. We can survive on soup, sandwiches and pasta.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day so I might serve “brinner,” breakfast food for dinner like omelets, pancakes and waffles. Just to mix things up a bit and not be so predictable.

We’ve done a decent job conserving our resources of soap and shampoo. But there’s more hair to wash. With no trips to the barber or hair dresser, we could easily be mistaken for hikers fresh off the Appalachian Trail. Beards are bushy. Hair looks like something the Bride of Frankenstein might find fashionable. Plus the gray I’ve vainly spent a fortune covering up, is now asserting itself with a vengeance. It’s spreading like dandelions in the spring.

I’ve aged a few years in a few weeks.

There’s no social isolation for us right now as Mason and I work from home, trying to guide our EKU students through their remaining assignments so they can finish the semester strong. That’s 56 students I’m in contact with and more than 100 for Mason.

The almost daily emailing has provided a glimpse of how others are faring with all the disruptions in life. It’s been fun viewing speeches my students have recorded from home and seeing their mom, dad, siblings or significant other in the audience. Or watching their dog or cat wander by as they’re sharing details about blue whales or Taylor Swift.

I praised one student for not being distracted when her dog started barking in the middle of her speech.

Even though I could do my job in my pajamas, I decided not to be that casual. I’m intentionally wearing jeans that zip and snap instead of anything with an elastic waistband.

It’s my early detection system—alerting me if I’m starting to gain weight. That way, when pants start to feel a smidge snug, I can make a few adjustments, like cutting back on how often I reward myself with chocolate chip cookies after a rough day grading outlines and speeches at the computer.

I’m trying not to jinx things, but usually during a holiday, bad weather, or another type of crisis, something breaks down in our house. Like the debacle one Christmas when we had a house full of guests and expected our garbage disposal to grind up all the potato peelings someone crammed down there. It jammed the drain to the dishwasher so we ended up hand washing all the dishes for a couple days until we could get a repair person to fix it.

For now, all is well. Everything is working fine given the circumstances. No complaints since I know it could always be worse.

No matter what day it might be.

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