It goes without saying this year's Thanksgiving holiday was unlike any other. Families and households were forced to make tough decisions in response to the growing concerns of the pandemic and restrictions imposed by the governor's administration.

If you've logged into Facebook at any time in the past couple of months, then you've undoubtedly been confronted with a prompt at the top of the page asking if you are registered to vote.

On Monday morning, I stood by my father, Jim Hutchinson's, bed in the intensive care unit at Virginia Beach General Hospital.

Perspective on Berea City Council race from a young Berean

Within a relatively short amount of time, this country has lost three iconic figures of the Civil Rights Movement, the most prominent being Rep. John Lewis from Georgia, who was one of the original "freedom fighters."

One has to search way back in the archives of our nation to find a period of time to compare with the sheer amount of "stuff" going on in our country right now!

America's Founders regarded a free press as so vital to the new nation that they took care to include that right in the First Amendment to the Constitution.

A few neighborhood parents announced it was dark enough to start setting off the fireworks. Children quickly came running up to get their sparklers and see what other fireworks were going to be set off. The teenagers had already started throwing poppers, launching bottle rockets and lighting…

If we thought that harvesting, selling and preserving nearly 2 acres of strawberries was some sort of practical joke related to the start of "school vacation," imagine how we felt about taking a break from picking berries to spend the afternoon hoeing vegetables until dark.

Luigi was an extremely careful motorist who never let the car in front of him get too close. He was such a careful driver, in fact, that he took more time than the average dude to carefully consider all traffic and road signs. As a result, in the 20 years he had been driving an automobile, L…

A raging coronavirus pandemic and a renewed call for equal justice under the law for all Americans has the full attention of this nation, indeed the world. But amidst all this troubling chaos is a Kentucky practice or tradition worthy of note. This past week, my family and I were in Berea fo…

This year, Camp Joy is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Camp Wekandu, a camp which brings together kids who share the similarity of having juvenile arthritis. However, for 2020, it is being done virtually because of COVID-19. 

Almost 60 years ago to the year, I was one of a handful of African American students and student-athletes who enrolled to study at Eastern Kentucky State College. We were part of an educational "experiment" initiated by President Robert R. Martin, a visionary, a forward-thinking educator who…

Black Lives Matter protests and rallies, as well as candle vigils, have swept the nation calling for more action against corrupt officials — especially police officers — following the deaths of Breonna Taylor in Louisville and George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Four years ago during my junior year of college, I officially decided to major in journalism. At that time, I had no idea what I was signing up for.

I've always considered it one of the most powerfully important lines from one of the greatest pieces of American literature.

Lots of people were upset when it was announced there would be no traditional in-person graduations during May for Madison County's four high schools -- Madison Southern, Madison Central, Berea Community and Model Laboratory.

The current global pandemic has stirred a lot of unpleasant feelings inside all of us, I think.

My name is Emily Patrick, I’m 22 years old and a recent graduate of Eastern Kentucky University. I’ll be interning here at the Register for 10 weeks as part of the Kentucky Press Association internship program.

Sometimes being a reporter means I'm invited to witness a small part of someone's personal life.

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For those of you who want to save paper and who don't want to spend many hours reading every sentence of several dozen publications, several readers have asked me to list the top three or four seed catalouges I absolutely can't live without.

I've listened to Rush Limbaugh's radio show for more than 20 years.

A friend in Letcher County recently sent me several Facebook photos of a sugar maple syrup and sugar operation that is in full swing at Southdown Farms in Ermine, just outside Whitesburg.

Having had many opportunities -- for which I'm grateful -- to share my thoughts, opinions, and views on many of the events and issues of our time, this offering is perhaps the most unusual.

The problem, at least for me, with having a garden worked up well enough that the soil is easily tillable is trying not to plant every square inch of it as well as tilling up another foot or so at both sides and the far end.

I am excited to say that our new semester has started at EKU, and our students, faculty and staff are back to living, learning and working on campus and online.

Roger possessed two main characteristics of respectability -- he had a bald head and a substantial bank account.

The dramatic beginning to this year's General Assembly involved more than the promised passage of legislation limiting the length and reach of Kentucky governors' future executive orders during pandemic-type emergencies.

I just received an e-mail from my grandson, Marc Jones, and in it he had a post that his wife, Amanda, had on Facebook. It is about their son, Russell, who is 7-years old and my great-grandchild.

When we talk to young people about civic engagement, the messages often sound like this:

In Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s last book published before his untimely death, "Where Do We Go from Here?: Chaos or Community?," the civil rights activist lamented the beloved community he sought to build seemed further away than ever.

There's a wide open, un-roofed, un-floored, extension off the exterior wall of our dining room that's about 8-foot square, give or take a few inches.

In the summer of 1947, five of us took off from Richmond on a trip to see the wild west.

I swear that I was not intentionally dropping hints for somebody to bring me a mess of fish when I wrote a couple of weeks ago about wishing I could catch some and how good I figured they would taste.

After a year of unprecedented challenges for small businesses owners and their employees, I have good news to begin the new year: economic relief is on the way.

In one sense, Rep. Ed Massey's bill to create a new tier within the Teachers' Retirement System (TRS) represents a substantial change in Kentucky's pension system-- but only for new teachers.

Jack entered a money exchange office to cash a check and got himself cashed instead.

It has been my intent each month for the past couple of years to present to you some aspect of the work and progress of our city.

About a year into the pandemic, many of us are concerned about how the upheaval from in-class learning is affecting our children's education.

This past week, I received a couple of letters that have me walking on air.

While Gov. Andy Beshear's response to COVID-19 has resulted in significant economic harm to many Kentuckians -- especially hundreds of thousands of workers unable to get critically needed unemployment dollars after being thrown out of work -- the governor's budget proposal does seek to addre…

As it relates to the protest turned ugly in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2021, there will undoubtedly be billions of printed words by way of statements, essays, columns such as this, dissecting, probing, analyzing, theorizing about the infamous event.

Homer operated a greasy spoon restaurant where his customers hooped it up with good reason.

With all the cold weather we have been having, I couldn't help but reminisce a little.

It's been at least two and a half years since I've been fishing.

When Amber, my server at a central Kentucky restaurant where I stopped to work and get some breakfast recently, saw my computer open to the petition on labeled in big, bold letters: “The Impeachment of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear,” she immediately asked: “Are they going to impe…

I'm not sure who has, or doesn't have, access to cable TV service in our neck of the woods, but I do know, for sure, that Charlie Brown Road is not among the more gifted.

In my 97 years on this old planet, I don't think I have ever experienced a year that has caused so much sickness, stress and unhappiness.

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