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One has to search way back in the archives of our nation to find a period of time to compare with the sheer amount of "stuff" going on in our country right now!

I’m mad.

When Charlotte was sitting on her rocker during knitting, her husband, Rufus, was sitting nearby going off his rocker.

The virus may have shut down much of the rest of the world, but it sure hasn’t bothered the birds on Charlie Brown Road.

This fountain that I recently drank from is the same one that my mother and father, Tom and Zada Jones, drank from some 112 years ago.

America's Founders regarded a free press as so vital to the new nation that they took care to include that right in the First Amendment to the Constitution.

A few neighborhood parents announced it was dark enough to start setting off the fireworks. Children quickly came running up to get their sparklers and see what other fireworks were going to be set off. The teenagers had already started throwing poppers, launching bottle rockets and lighting…

Luigi was an extremely careful motorist who never let the car in front of him get too close. He was such a careful driver, in fact, that he took more time than the average dude to carefully consider all traffic and road signs. As a result, in the 20 years he had been driving an automobile, L…

If we thought that harvesting, selling and preserving nearly 2 acres of strawberries was some sort of practical joke related to the start of "school vacation," imagine how we felt about taking a break from picking berries to spend the afternoon hoeing vegetables until dark.

A raging coronavirus pandemic and a renewed call for equal justice under the law for all Americans has the full attention of this nation, indeed the world. But amidst all this troubling chaos is a Kentucky practice or tradition worthy of note. This past week, my family and I were in Berea fo…

By late June in the 1950s and early 60s, the strawberry patch was pretty much picked out, but my mom would ask us boys if we would run out there and see if we could still find a few for mash-up for supper.

Black Lives Matter. That's the rallying cry of protesters today.

This year, Camp Joy is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Camp Wekandu, a camp which brings together kids who share the similarity of having juvenile arthritis. However, for 2020, it is being done virtually because of COVID-19. 

When coronavirus first swept the nation, as a small newspaper, admittedly one of our staff's first reactions was with everything canceled, there would be nothing to cover.

Every time I get a chance to ride around Richmond, I see a lot of buildings that used to be hustling, bustling grocery stores but are now converted to some other use.

Ike and Nike formed a business partnership that soon began making money like it was a subsidiary for Fort Knox.

On Saturday, June 6, this community and sympathizers from surrounding areas came together to express support for the many persons who had become victims of police brutality over a period of many months. The gathering in downtown Richmond at the Madison County Courthouse was commendable and a…

Over the last couple of weeks, on nights when the sky was clear, I have been running outside to watch the International Space Station go over Garrard County.

Several weeks ago, Mr. Charles Benton, dropped by the house with a collection of sports articles that he and other members of his family had saved over the years.

Almost 60 years ago to the year, I was one of a handful of African American students and student-athletes who enrolled to study at Eastern Kentucky State College. We were part of an educational "experiment" initiated by President Robert R. Martin, a visionary, a forward-thinking educator who…

Black Lives Matter protests and rallies, as well as candle vigils, have swept the nation calling for more action against corrupt officials — especially police officers — following the deaths of Breonna Taylor in Louisville and George Floyd in Minneapolis.

To our fellow Bereans and Kentuckians,

Four years ago during my junior year of college, I officially decided to major in journalism. At that time, I had no idea what I was signing up for.

A television station came up with an idea for a reality show to end all reality shows, which was reminiscent of the morbid and macabre Frankenstein and Dracula movies of the 1930s.

I've always considered it one of the most powerfully important lines from one of the greatest pieces of American literature.

I guess I have to blame my father, Tom Jones, for my obsession with toys or things that brighten up life or make people laugh.

Leftists who dominate Jefferson County Public Schools' (JCPS) Board of Education desire a huge tax increase amidst a health pandemic wreaking sudden destruction on a once-roaring economy, causing uncertainty about how they're going to pay their current tax bill -- much less higher taxes.

What if I told you that you could receive around $2,000 of federal money by filling out a five minute survey online?

Lots of people were upset when it was announced there would be no traditional in-person graduations during May for Madison County's four high schools -- Madison Southern, Madison Central, Berea Community and Model Laboratory.

Nancy Kennedy’s recent article, “You Do Not Mess with Mothers,” was misguided and reckless.

When Betsy applied for a position as an assembly line trainee at Max's factory, she stood as much chance of getting the job as did at getting elected Ms. America.

An economic crisis such as the one dragging behind this quarantine like a heavy, unbreakable chain squeezes an entire state, revealing or magnifying the true condition of its economy along with the competency -- or lack thereof -- of its political leadership.

The current global pandemic has stirred a lot of unpleasant feelings inside all of us, I think.

My name is Emily Patrick, I’m 22 years old and a recent graduate of Eastern Kentucky University. I’ll be interning here at the Register for 10 weeks as part of the Kentucky Press Association internship program.

The following article is one of my all time favorites.

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