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Jailer Steve Tussey said Wednesday the Madison County Detention Center’s human resources team is looking into a deputy jailer after he was arrested Friday for allegedly drinking on the job.

Tyler Banks, 23, Irvine, is facing charges of first-degree official misconduct and alcohol intoxication in a public place, according to his citation. 

“There’s human resource action pending,” Tussey said. “It’s an ongoing investigation.”

Banks, who has worked as a deputy jailer for about a year, has not been suspended or put on leave as of Wednesday, according to Tussey, who expects a resolution some time this week.

“Due to his schedule, he’s not even scheduled to work again until Friday,” he said.

Banks was arrested after two deputy jailers told a captain that Banks seemed to be intoxicated. One of them said Banks openly offered them a drink of an alcoholic beverage while Banks was “acting under the official capacity of the detention center and on the clock actively working when I pulled hime aside with Captain Evans,” the citation states.

Banks agreed to take a preliminary breath test, which indicated the presence of alcohol.

He told the captain he stopped drinking at about 2 a.m. Friday morning, but he also said he brought an open cup of whiskey to work and left it in his car.

He was also seen going to his car while on duty.

Banks also was unsteady and had slurred speech.

He was booked into the jail and was released later Friday night, according to online jail records.

Tussey said if there isn’t a resolution from the human resources investigation by the time Banks is scheduled to be back at work, “he will probably be placed on some sort of administrative leave.”

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