In addition to Independence Day, the city of Richmond had a lot to celebrate on Saturday when it officially unveiled the completed mural for Millstone Park on Richmond's 222nd birthday.

"I cannot think of a better way to celebrate the 222nd birthday of the city of Richmond," Rob Minerich, the city's manager, said.

The mural's inception was done in part to bring alive the former, rich mill history that once was thriving in Richmond. Another goal is to bring awareness to the new Millstone Park and Mill District, which has become the new identity of the city.

In determining what would be showcased along the brick wall of the Allstate offices, Minerich and the city commission felt featuring Zaring Mill, formerly located where Family Dollar is on Main Street, would be best.

"What a time to be a part of the administration of this city," Mayor Robert Blythe said. "This is not only an attraction for people who are visiting Richmond, but also for the people who live here to have a green space, which is done in such a beautiful fashion."

Work began on the mural the weekend of June 12, and was done by two graphic designers of SQUAREPEGS Studio and Design, Graham Allen and Geoff Murphy.

Allen, who lives in Richmond, said he appreciated the opportunity to work on the project.

"It is a privilege to contribute something to the city that I live in, and help do something for everyone," Allen said.

To show the city's appreciation for the muralists and their work, Murphy and Allen received two barrel staves with the park's coordinates etched on them.

William "Speedy" Denny, the creator of the park itself, was also presented with his own stave for his work.

"It is the veracity of your spirit that made this possible for us," Blythe said.

Denny, who donated his labor and resources to create the park, was the person who presented the original idea to Minerich, who helped make it possible.

"I know these mills and their history like they are my own kids," Denny said.

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