Weston Glass Studio is nestled in the heart of the historic crafting community in Berea. Within its walls, visitors can browse different wares, such as vases, jewelry and more, made in the studio. All of the glass works are made by Michelle Weston, who is form New Zealand, according to Weston Glass Studio's Facebook page. On Tuesday, Weston gave glass-blowing lessons to three visitors. One was Denny Boyd, a self-proclaimed avid glass collector from Denver, Colorado. Boyd accompanied Bridgett Barton and Julie McEwen, both from Lexington. They had been to Berea for the Spoonbread Festival and wandered into Weston Glass Studio. There they saw the art, and after running into a group coming in for lessons, decided that they would have to come back. What made the trip extra special was the fact that McEwen brought ashes from both her father and her dog to incorporate into the pieces she made. Weston said they often have people who come and want ashes to be made into a piece of art. To learn more about Weston Glass Studio, visit its Facebook page facebook.com/WestonGlass/