At the Richmond City Commission meeting Tuesday evening, the commissioners voted to amend order 18-100 which created a city of Richmond grant committee that was established per the order to properly oversee all federal grants as well as other grants that are obtained through Richmond.

The committee wanted to include additional positions to better manage the grants going forward. Those positions include the mayor, two city commissioners, the city manager, the city finance director, the city grants compliance, the city clerk, the Richmond industrial development executive director and the community development coordinator.

Rob Minerich, the city's manager, said the purpose of the committee was to give oversight to the commissioners when grants are presented as to whether they meet criteria, the costs of the grant and if they would be beneficial for the purpose of which the grant was applied.

Jason Morgan said his concern about the committee of eight individuals were that only two were elected officials and the other six are appointed.

"I believe the decision to approve and apply for grants should be done by the decision of the elected, not the appointed," Morgan said.

Commissioner Mike Brewer said that to his understanding, the committee was there to only make a recommendation to the commissioners and give oversight as to whether or not the grant proposals should be accepted. The final say would lie with the commission.

"(The grant) would probably never make it to the commission until it's met the criteria for which we would approve any grant, if there are certain things that need met, if there are certain costs attached for the city, then that would all be brought as a package to the committee," Mayor Robert Blythe explained.

The commission voted to approve the amendment of the grant committee.

• • •

The city commission voted to approve order 19-38 that would renew the city's commercial solid waste collection franchise agreement.

The city entered into the franchise agreement on Feb. 20, 2013, which was granted to Advanced Disposal Services Solid Waste Midwest LLC, an exclusive franchise for the collection of commercial solid waste within the city.

This is the second successive renewal for the commercial solid waste agreement with this company, which will last for four more years.

Morgan asked the city manager if the mass disposal company had improved their performance.

Minerich responded, "Since I have been here, I have seen an improvement, and I think that our complaints have gone down, and I think that they have done a better job with commercial disposal. The problem we are having with trash right now is with large multifamily units."

The commission voted to approve the renewal with Morgan saying, "On the condition that they have improved … ."

Other business

• Blythe read a proclamation declaring the month of April 2019 as Fair Housing Month.

• The city accepted the resignation of a member from the Chemical Destruction City Advisory Board (CDCAB) because he was not able to make it to most of the meetings. Blythe was appointed to take the position as the representative for the city of Richmond.

• The city approved the hiring of two new Richmond police officers, Matthew Hannan and Walker Crase Jr. Richmond Police Chief James Ebert said these two hires brings the department to 59 employees out of the 61 that are required, and the department is still in the hiring process.

The next Richmond City Commission meeting will be 6 p.m. April 23 at Richmond City Hall.

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