With Commissioner Jason Morgan serving as mayor pro-tem, the Richmond City Commission heard the first reading for the annual budget for the city for fiscal year 2019-2020.

In the general fund, the resources for appropriation total $43,652,843 with $14.5 million coming from carried funds, $28.3 million in local revenue and $774,317 of federal assistance.

The appropriations allocated in the 2019-2020 budget totaled $29,933,808, leaving $13.7 million in the estimated fund balance until June 30, 2020.

In the contingency fund, or rainy day fund, a total of $10,282,000 has been allocated for appropriations.

The department allocated the most money within this upcoming budget was the police appropriations, which totaled $7,433,378. Following that is the fire department with $6,722,955 in allocations. More than $5 million was set aside for "non-department funds." The parks, codes and public works departments each received more than $1 million for a total of more than $4,650,944 amongst the three.

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Shawn Butler, the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police (KACP) accreditation program manager, presented the accreditation to Richmond Police Chief James Ebert along with several RPD officers and the commissioners.

He explained there are 172 standards that are measured to receive the accreditation, but he said including the substandards, the department is being held to more than 400 standards in order to achieve the status.

"A lot of times you see a push down from the top," Butler said. "It's a police chief and he says, 'Here's the policy, you follow it,' and you all didn't do that here, and I thought that was very interesting. I thought it was a great way to watch this be done. Everybody in the department seemed to be involved, and I think that is evident by the turnout we have here. …

"Patrolmen, officers, lieutenants, captains -- whatever their rank is -- they all seem to take a lot of pride in this and have really worked hard to make this process work. It is not an easy task by any stretch, and that struck me about your all's department, and that says a lot about what they think about your police department and how they think about your community."

Ebert said that many of the law enforcement representatives in attendance at the meeting had a direct impact on claiming this new status, and that the department wanted this status not only for the more professional standard, but to better serve the public as well.

"We take great pride in striving to achieve these standards in our desire to become the gold standard in law enforcement not only locally throughout the commonwealth, but also nationally," Ebert said. "Thank you for taking the time to support us tonight and help us to be a community-oriented full law enforcement agency. Thank you very much."

Other business

• The city commissioners approved an ordinance that would allow for another cable carrier to provide services in Richmond, creating competition within that market.

• The city of Richmond approved an order that referred an annexation of an additional 62 acres of land to the city near Goggins Lane by Meijer to the Planning and Zoning Board.

• The city of Richmond promoted Christopher Hunt, Spencer Thomas and Michael Todd to Firefighter II.

The next Richmond City Commission meeting will be held June 25, 6 p.m., at Richmond City Hall.

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