Four properties were discussed Wednesday night at the Richmond Codes Enforcement Board meeting, which resulted in the approval of two demolitions.

The first was a property on Elm Street that was inherited by the current owner, Rosa Etal Estelle. Due to the inability to have the issue legally resolved, she recommended to move forward with demolition of the property.

A property on Ballard Drive was also approved to proceed with demolition after multiple attempts to contact the land owner. However, he failed to appear at the meeting, which he was summonsed to. Codes Enforcement Director Philip Williams noted that an officer conducted an inspection in which most items were listed as unsatisfactory and non-reparable, requiring demolition.

Another property discussed was on Francis Street, regarding a citation appeal. The executive of the state, who lives in Lexington, faced four citations, two of which were already paid. The two that were unpaid were both asked by the estate's representative to be appealed, as they had been taken care of.

Citation 5597 regarded an old toilet that was near the rear of the house and moved to the curb with an unpaid fine of $350. Another unpaid citation was citation 5052, which was for garbage next to the curb with no trash service, resulting in a $500 fine, which was filed for appeal on March 30 and asked to be dismissed.

The board voted to approve proceeding with the $350 citation, with board members Bill Mulhern and Jamie Ford in opposition.

The fourth and final property discussed was on South First Street involving Holly Hill Farms Inc. At a codes meeting in January, the executive of the state was given until Wednesday night's meeting to make updates and report them to the board.

Randy O'Neal, the attorney for the property, stated the owner has been working on the repairs, but weather has hindered him from making the exterior repairs. O'Neal noted the doors that were ordered to be replaced have been, and the property representative was also working toward replacing the wood on windows.

He then stated that if the land owner had more time, he would be able to complete the items deemed necessary.

The board voted to see Holly Hill Farms at the next meeting in May and required them to show significant updates to the board. In addition, the land owner was to check on the property regularly.

The next Codes Enforcement meeting will be held May 15 at 5:30 p.m. at Richmond City Hall.

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