During the Richmond City Commission workshop meeting on Tuesday, commissioners awarded the Water Street restoration project to The Allen Company.

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Currently, the Glyndon Hotel and adjoining spaces on Main Street sit vacant, save the Republican headquarters that is occupying part of the space. Rodney Davis plans to change all of that, turning it into a destination spot for travelers and a staple in the community for the residents.

In an effort to better engage the citizens of Richmond, the city has announced the unveiling of their new mobile app, appropriately named City of Richmond, KY.


Richmond Mayor Robert Blythe along with Eastern Kentucky University President Michael Benson signed a proclamation declaring September Fire Safety Prevention Month to kick off the Richmond City Commission's regularly scheduled Tuesday night meeting.


In the midst of an ongoing problem of what to do to accommodate the Madison County Detention Center's growing overpopulation problem, the city of Richmond offered the county the empty armory building on Second Street as a reprieve.


As a part of a monthly financial report to the Richmond Parks and Recreation Board, Erin Moore, director of parks and administration, said that the board had utilized around 16.5% of the approved budget of just over $1 million.

Two Richmond residents went before the Richmond Planning and Zoning Commission Thursday evening to request amendments to a zoning ordinance and a zoning map.

After meeting with several hotel and motel operators in Richmond last week about their concerns with the recently passed chronic nuisance property ordinance, the city commission voted to approve a new ordinance, including amendments in several areas.

The Richmond Codes Enforcement Board discussed two out of the three properties listed on their agenda Wednesday evening, including a property on Parrish Ave. and Earlene Court.

When hotel and motel owners in Richmond came to the city commission expressing concerns about recently passed ordinance 19-14, or the chronic nuisance property ordinance, the board of commissioners discussed making several amendments.

As part of a visit across several Kentucky military sites, military liaisons (MLA) from four of the six Kentucky Congressional districts made a stop in Richmond to tour the Blue Grass Army Depot (BGAD) installation for a military assets and equity update.

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With only eight months under their belts, new Richmond Mayor Robert Blythe and the city commission have checked one task off their priority list by approving the purchase of the property on Brighton Avenue to become Richmond's new senior center.

With approval from the Richmond City Board of Commissioners, Indiana-based cable company MetroNet is "bringing the power of 100% fiber" to Richmond.

After being presented with a check for nearly $8,000, Georgia Parks, director of the Richmond Teen Center, said she has no specific plans for the funds yet, other than helping to take care of the needs for the kids at the center.

Met with a larger than usual crowd, the Richmond City Commission approved the first reading of ordinance 19-15, which annexed 62.5 acres at 1194 Goggins Lane to the city and was assigned a zone classification of R-1A, much to the desire of residents in that area.

After discussion began more than a month ago regarding the Madison County Animal Shelter and its services to the city of Richmond, the Richmond Commission resumed the conversation once again entertaining the idea of operating its own animal shelter in city limits.

With a goal to enhance safety and improve access to other counties, both the City of Richmond and Madison County have each committed $500,000 as their partial match for an application for the 2019 Build Transportation Grant with a purpose to improve parts of Kentucky Highway 52.

In what Richmond City Commissioner Jason Morgan called “one of his happiest days,” the Richmond City Commission passed ordinance 19-14, also known as the chronic nuisance property ordinance, that will impose a civil fine on hotels and motels that are found to be a consistent problem within t…

Over the past week, updates have been occurring at the Madison County Detention Center with the installation of a new inmate telephone system provided by inmate communication provider, GTL, to increase both connections between inmates and loved ones as well as safety.

While the city of Richmond says they think the zone change and annexation of 62.5 acres "is in the best interest" for city residents, a packed commission chamber at Richmond City Hall of local residents expressing concerns said otherwise.

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